Sex With Long Nails

The best thing about long nails is the extra bonus during sex! I simply LOVE ripping my nails through his skin, which is usually aimed for the back and shoulders. Or lightly through his hair, and teasing your tender touch along his wrist.. And up his thigh. Hmmmm

I scratch rather roughly, and it is the most satisfying thing when you have 'branded' your man. If he has scratches on his body from sex, red raw scratches that have ripped through the skin... It's a sign for EVERYONE to know just how much he pleasures his woman. Plus they're just so sensual.

Only REAL nails have this effect.. Horrid fake ones are nothing but tacky I'm afraid.

DarceySmile DarceySmile
18-21, F
6 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Feeling nails all over me is so turning on! I love this pain since I started to think for women at all. Women fingernails are the greatest womens weapon!

Hello Darcy, It is nice to hear about a women that knows how tol use her nails in bed. When I was in college I dated a girl that was super jealous and every time I told her that I was going out with my buddies she wanted us to have sex first. She told me it was because she wanted me to remember how good the sex was between us, and that if I cheated on her I could forget about having her ever again. She would always claw my back during her climax and would leave some nasty marks that would last for days. One day I went to a friends house to swim and his girlfriend was there sunbathing, when I took off my shirt she saw the marks and asked me what was up. I told her how my girlfriend was the jealous type and always wanted to have sex before I went out without her, so that I would remember. She told me that that was B.S., and that my girlfriend was just letting other girls know that I was taken by a girls that had claws, and that she knew how to use them if she had to. Her boyfriend and I told her that she was crazy and didn't think much of it afterwards, however now I am wondering if she knew what she was talking about. Do you think there was any truth it what she said. I would love to hear your opinion?<br />
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Mmm glad you men appreciate the effort that goes into us Women growing our Nails for Your benefit ! I have to agree theres nothing like real ones , mine are 20mm long and Im old fashioned, dont like them squared off and they look silly with the tips painted white as they are oval. So Igo for them either clear varnished or coloured.

i love long nails very much.I want marry a girl who has long and sexy nails. I want to feel those nails<br />
on my skin and also back during sex.I feel pleasure when some one scratch me. I have sex with one girl who had long nails and she scratched my back and **** so wonderfully that i feel very pleasure.<br />
Scratching with long nials gives me painfull pleasure that i cant explain.Whenever i see a longnail girl i feel erect my **** and some time pre caming. I just love love long pointed longnail girls.

I have married one girl. She has very sexy long nails - about 2cm from her finger tips. Her nails are long enough to bend like claws and she cuts them in oval shape closer to a v-shape. It takes courage to have sex with her as she uses her claws a lot. She says that she loves drawing my blood when she's aroused and she does. She runs her claws on my back and waist making a tearing sound. The pain that she induces - only I can bear. Her strong hands are just unstoppable and makes very loud scratching noise. Once she got so aroused that she grabbed my face hard with her paws and pulled hard. She's just amazing during sex and I always end up having a painful pleasurable sex with my beautiful wife. I love her !!!!

Wow, love that feeling DarceySmile...good to know that women enjoy doing it.....