I've Always Had Long Nails

I even had somewhat long nails when I was a kid! I never grow them so long that they look like talons though. I don't find that as nice. Long, but not excessively long, is the perfect length for me.

I have no problems with them and I only sometimes break the thumb nails and index finger nails. It is always on the side closer to the edge of my hand and always right next to where the nail bed begins. I don't care if I break a nail (I chop it off and trim the others so it doesn't look as weird), but sometimes when the split is on the nail bed it can get caught on things and that can be very painful! What makes it even worse is that it is so far back I can't file it away.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

With a bad break like that you need to learn how to patch! There are nail repair kits available with special glue andspecial material. In a pinch even super glue will help hold it till it grows enough to trim. I've been know to stick a band-aid over a bad break like that till it can grow. Overwise, you can damage the nailbed, and it will never grow right, plus it hurts like the dickens!