I am 27 and I have just found ou that I have Lordosis.

I have not been well since I had my second child and have suffered episoded of full body pain that radiated from my lower back. I went to many and was mostly just told it is all in my head and that I have a  virus. One decided that I have CFS.

After over a year my dad came with me and refused to leave the GP office till I was refured. I was refured to a rheumatologist which was just to get rid of me as my blood work had already ruled it out. He looked at my notes then at me and asked what i was doing in his office. I broke down in tears and and said "I dont know but please help me"
After a quick exam I had the answer to what was wrong with me and was booked for physio.
I fell pregnant with my 3rd child before the apointment came around and now I am 18 weeks and already I can hardly walk. My physio dose not say much but seems very anxious for me which dose not fill me with  confidence. I ask about after the baby and she is not keen to discus it but tells me that I may need a wheel chair and may be even a stay in hospital before the pregnancy is over.

I am glad to know now at least what the problem is. But now what?!
I guess I will find out in time. At least for now I have  a new baby to look forward to. I only hope I will be able to walk and move and care for my children when the new little one comes along.

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I am so glad you didn't need to use a wheelchair for your pregnancy and lordosis. I hope the pain will be better, and I'm glad the excercises are working out for you! I have lordosis too, it's so hard a lot of the time. My husband and I want kids so I'm hoping I won't get worse by the time I'm pregnant. *hugs*

Thank you :D<br />
I am happy to report that I managed to get tot e end of my pregnancy with out needing a wheel chail though I was not able to walk or even stand for very long at all toward the end and was hard for the first month or so as well. But now 8 months on I am looseing weight with my local slimmingworld group and keeping up with the exercises the physio gave me and I feel great. I take a walk fro an hour each morninbg once I drop the older two off at school as well as take care of the house nad the baby and chase about after every one. I do still have pain nad I have to be sensible and know my limits but I am doing so much better and I think the curve is even begining to straighten now thanks to keeping up with the exercises.<br />
<br />
I realy hoe that things het better for you soon and that your pain eases.<br />
*gentle hugs*<br />

You may have to use a wheelchair b/c you have lordosis??? I've been in bad pain lately but haven't gotten it seen about. I have lordosis and scoliosis, along with old neck injury. My lower back is always inflamed and in pain. Sleeping is the worst. I used to frog my legs out but now my hip flexor is in pain so there is no way to relieve the strain when I'm laying down. I hope you improve or find some help. *hugs*