Drug=weight Lose


The fastest weight loss I had was while partying hard and taking drugs. Lost so much weight you can see my impants..lol –wouldn’t suggest this to anyone   The other time which took a little longer (2 months) was working 14 hour days and eating just once. I think I lost 20 lbs..which was a size 6-4...
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thats pretty harsh applebomb. You do realize that overeating and undereating are very closely related. And most people are very concerned about their body, which is natural. It seems strange to me If you don't care about physicality at all.

it seems that we always lose weight whenever we are not tryin to and vice versa whenever we try to lose weight lol Isnt it ironic? haha

A lot of times when I take psychedelics I don't eat at all. Ive done the 16 hour work days too but it was firefighting so I gained weight because I built muscle. For along time my body fat was around 2.8%.