My Sweet Little Moon...

Four years ago the 31st of July I lost my little moon, my Woona Bear. She was my companion for two and a half years. Luna, my black and white, fat kitty with loveable white socks and mischievious copper eyes. She was so funny. She never really liked anyone else, but me and if I went anywhere in the house without her and shut the door she was cry and cry until I or someone else would let her in with me. She would sleep in my bed next to me and jump in the shower to play in the water with me. She loved hiding between the shower curtains and popping her head out to mew at me.

If I was ever upset or crying she would somehow know, even if she was in the other room. She would come to me and nudge my hand, curl up in my lap and nuzzle me as if to say, "Everything is alright. I'll be your crying shoulder." She would stand on her head and chase her tail. :) She was a bit of a grump sometimes, but she was my Woona and I loved her to death.

She started missing clumps of hair, so I brought her to the vet. They said it was an allergy and gave me some medicine to give her. She started getting so sick that she couldn't keep anything down so I brought her back to the vet. I went back to see her after they put her on fluids and she came to me instantly and nuzzled me for comfort. The vet was amazed because Luna was such a sourpuss with everyone that came near her. I told them it's because she was my Woona. :)

When the x-rays for her came back they told me she had a mass of tumors and there was no hope for her. I had to say goodbye to my little moon. I petted her, while she curled up against me on the table. She was scared and hurting and I was crying, but despite her pain and fear she took it upon her furry little self to comfort me one last time. I miss her so much and I still have dreams about her.

I love you my little moon! My showers just aren't the same without your little black head and mischievous copper eyes peeking out at me! :3 Though I think the hubby might have had something to say about your shower peeking! Haha!
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Thank you for your kind words. I think about her often and sometimes I still cry for her, but mostly I fondly remember her looking up at me from under her tummy while standing on her head or crying for me when she was separated by a door. :) She was such a funny girl.

I am so sorry for your loss. She loved you too and she had a GREAT life with you! What would've happened to the little Moon if she had outlived you? We can only love them and care for them and see them out of this world as peacefully and kindly as we can. It was fate you two spent your time together and she will never be apart from you as long as you remember her.<br />
<br />
In the meantime, just cry your eyes out if you need to, it's the only thing that helps! (((((hugs)))))) You were a good FurMom to her.