Nemo Beloved Forever

My sweet Nemo died on May 26, 2010. He was hit by a car.  I still feel guilty for letting him out.  He came to me as a kitten stray on my birthday after I had a dream of him about two years  earlier.  It was uncanny.  The dream was related to my father's death and I thought maybe it was a birthday gift from my dad. I didn't see him much after I was 7. God has given me two winks about Nemo.  I have them on  I BELIEVE  IN SYNCHRONICITY in religion and spiritualty.  Without these two winks I would be a total wreck.  One wink was I kept looking at shelter cats but knew no way was I ready to adopt in his memory. One kitty got my attention. After ten days, his number was given the name Samson.  That is the name of my German Shepherd who saved my life years ago.  Of course, I adopted him  and he is a Nemo clone. There were hundreds of cats that looked like Nemo on the web pages.

Second  wink, there was an activation code that came on the TV for a gadget 166nemo. My sweet Nemo died on 166TH ST.  We are still in a state of shock and disbelief about the code.

The last was more like a coincidence, I guess, I saw a dream book in a store and opened it a couple of days ago and on  the page randomly  selected there was a story about a woman who was in pain about her pet.

All of these things has brought me some peace,  I still cry but not every moment.  But I will never stop missing him.  He was my unique and special kitty and we were so connected. I thought when Samson died years ago I would never feel such unending pain and sorrow for any other pet.  I was so wrong.  The hurt has been trememdous.  I wasn't prepared mentally for Nemo's death.  He is the only pet I didn't watch get buried or put to sleep.  My husband who picked his body up from the street early in the morning buried  Nemo in the back of my house.  I still haven't been back  to plant flowers but all these winks  is giving me strength to say one more goodbye. I had a dream a couple of days after he died and I heard a cat meowing and I ran outside and gave him a million hugs and kisses and started shouting Nemo's back.  I know for sure he is after all these winks but I just feel awful I can't see him physically .  My heart goes out to everyone who is feeling the hurt of a lost beloved pet.   I hope and pray everyone receives some comfort from God and support with your loss.

rosey122 rosey122
56-60, F
Jul 17, 2010