Love You Forever.

In October I lost my beloved dog, Max.

He we getting old, and developed this large lump on his back, and my parents decided it was time to put him down. I didn't go with them, I just stayed in bathtub and cried.

My heart was so broken that day, I loved him so much. Still thinking about it makes me break out in tears.

For days and days after i've hear sounds, and think it was just him, and each time I was reminded that he was gone. It was torture when people came to the door, and no longer hearing him bark.

He was the first dog I ever had. Ever since I was little I wanted a dog, and when I was in grade 2 my parents finally gave in.

He was only a year old when we got him, he was a lab crossed with a rottie. We bought him from a farm family who couldn't afford to keep him. It took awhile to actually meet him, because the daughter of the family didn't want to give him up, and kept erasing them.

My mom was absolutely terrified of him at first, my sister was so little at the time, and he kept knocking her over. It was funny. I loved him though. And i'm so glad we brought him home.

I miss him so much.

Max, I'll love you forever, and you'll never be replaced.
BanZeta BanZeta
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

I lost my dog Foxy last year, she wasn't sick but there's a mystery as to how she died. Her collar and little bonnet are still missing. I hear there are criminals who go around stealing dogs. My friends think this might have been the case here except she got away and was run down. We found her body by the road side but she is now buried in her favourite spot in the back garden next to the pool. <br />
<br />
BanZeta I can feel your sorrow and I'm really sorry for your loss but.................. you sound like someone who has a LOT of love for our 4 legged friends. Its okay to mourn the death of a good friend, but there are a lot of other dogs which need your love and compassion. When your ready, go and adopt a new friend.<br />

One of my dogs died on the fourth of july. She was a three-year-old Shih-Tpoo. She wasn't sick. A table fell on her outside of a co-op in my neighborhood. It is hard when it is unexpected like that. I am sorry for your loss. Maybe it will help to know you are not alone.