My Cat Misty......

I've always been a pet lover but growing up, my parents would not allow me to have pets.  So as soon as I moved out, I adopted a cat.  My cat was named Misty.... He was a beautiful silver persian with green eyes.  I loved him unconditionally..... He was all matted when I adopted him.  The deal was to adopt, I would have to have him fixed.  So when I picked him up.. they said, Misty was a Mister!! Oh well... the name remained the same.....
So with Misty, who loved me unconditionally, we both survived both my parents getting extremely sick and eventually passing away.  Then when I left my ex-fiancee... and moving to another province to marry the love of my life.  Well... Misty passed away a year ago last April on Good Friday. He was almost 21 yrs old.  He walked with a llimp but was relatively healthy.  Just the old age catching up to him.  At this house, he was in heaven... He had a few cat beds all through the house.  Its a big house and his favorite spot was in front of the fireplace.  Its gas so he could lie close to it.  Which he did... I swear, I used to think he would burst into flames being that close!!!  Well, when I came home from work, he usually came to see me.  He would brush up against my legs and have a conversation with me.  I found him curled up in his cat bed with a blanket tucked around him.  I though he was sleeping... Which, judging by the way his head was tucked around the way a cat did.... he fell asleep and never woke up.  I had him cremated in his cat bed as I found him.  I now have his ashes in a beautiful box in my livingroom and one day, he will be buried with me.
I miss my cat....... He was there for half my life.  I miss him more now that I am going through a nasty divorce.  My love of my life turned out to be a sick man obsessed with kinky sex, etc.  I really don't know him.  He was also having an affair with my so called friend.  So now facing my divorce, I wish that I could hold my cat again and feel like everything is going to be ok.   It will... because I am a strong woman and will not let some one make me do things that I don't feel comfortable with.  I will be ok and I am grateful for having my cat Misty in my life.....

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I thought my cat was old at 18ys .. 21 is a great age for a cat to live to.<br />
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I am sure when you can you will have another cat. I didnt think I would after I had to have my last cat put to sleep but they are all different and I love this cat just as much.<br />
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I love all animals especially my dog .. but my cat is far more affectionate and always up for a cuddle.

hi my name is maria, i just read your story about your cat beine 21 years old i just had to put my cat to sleep friskie was 17 and i was so sure he was going to live till 20 at least i didnt realize he was sick till i brought him in to emergency and 2 days later they found something in his liver they couldnt take a biopsy because his blood count was so low that he wood bleed internally. i was put in a rough possition till this day i feel so guilty for putting him to sleep i am having such a hard time with this i had him for 17 yrs and the last 5 years i been on my own wit himm he had gone thrugh a divorce with me and both my parents death. one thing for sure pets really now how to love you when you need them and i gave him the same love back he was the only cat i ever had he was my child. i have his ashes now but it still not the same i miss him soso much it hurts and i feel so empty i would like to get another cat but im undecided still i dont know if i cant handle another death around me. thank you for your sharing

Dear Rosey...<br />
Thank you for the sweet message. Misty will always be in my heart. He's even my desktop pic. He did help me through a hard time and I wish I can hold him one last time....<br />
Today especially.... My soon to be ex is giving me a hard time today.... Constantly calling me and texting me. Yes, I wish I had seen the red flags before I married him. I am the type of woman that believed in my marriage vows... Obviously he did not..... Nor my ex friend. But I do believe in karma and I am trying to be strong.... I just need a little more of an effort today....... <br />
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts....

I feel so very sad and horrible for you. It's such a hard thing to suffer through always. I think it is worse when your all alone and have had your pet for so long. When I was alone I lost by dog Samson from old age. It was really bad. Now my Nemo but at least I have my husband and two older children. Each time you go through this with you beloved pet it is different. Some goodbys hurt more than others. There is very beautiful site that helped me last month called Animals in Heaven. If you are of that fr<x>ame of mind it might help you a little. <br />
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People like your ex husband and friend make this world a crummy place. I hate it when people are disloyal and two faced. Too bad, your ex didn't show his true nature before you married him. <br />
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My prayers and thought are with you during this rough time.

Wow, half a life with the same kitty. I can only imagine as my life has always been so turbulent so I've had many cats for short periods. They always seem to find me.

Thanks AaaaaRGH... Means a lot. I have my cat as a desk top pic too. Helps inspire me to work. Maybe my cat is chasing Spuds :) lol... He was tiny but was not scared of anything. Thanks again ;-)

I had to put one of my dogs down this past December. He used to love the snow, and a week after his passing, we had a huge snow storm - at least big for this area. My sisters told me that was just a sign that he had arrived in Heaven.<br />
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I know exactly how you feel. To this day, almost seven months later, I still miss him. He's even the background picture on my laptop. There are times, even now, when I still want to talk with him. Me and his half brother sit near his urn and just talk away. Well, I talk. Not sure how my other dog talks to him, but I know he misses him too. Out of the six beds that are in this house, his favorite bed is the one closest to the urn.<br />
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We'll keep a good thought for you and Misty. No doubt he's up in Heaven being chased by my Spuds.

Thank you.. My cat never let me down..... He had quite the character and was stunningly beautiful. He loved me... flaws and all unconditionally and I am very grateful that he was in my life. He is the only animal that I have had, so he will always have a special place in my life.<br />
As for me... Yes I will be ok. Things are looking up while dealing with my divorce. My old high school friend reach out to me and its starting to turn into something special. I am pleasantly surprised. Everything happens for a reason. I see that now :)