It was a Sunday, Mom had asked me to go buy a newspaper before dad got home, my brother came with me, we decided to take our dog with us. He was on his lesh. We got to the main street, and while I gave my brother the money to get the newspaper, I held on to the dog. Well he saw something across the street, and he tried to get away, and he did, he completely slipped out of his harness.

He made it across the street. I wish so bad, I didn't beg him to come back over, I wish so bad, that I didn't keep calling his name. He would have been fine, if I didn't beg him to come back, he was running back, when A car came and took his life. He was hurt so bad, he was still alive. My brother ran back up the street to get my mom, and I ran across the street, to be with my beloved dog. He was crying, and there was blood everywhere.

My mom came running down the street, with a towel, and shortly after that our neighbor dorve down. My mom said we had to take him to the emergency vet, I begged her so much to take me with her, but she wouldn't. She told me I had to stay home with my brother. She told me,s eh would bring him back, that he probably just broke his leg or something.

Three hours later, she came home. I had been in my room crying. She came in and talked to me 1st. and she handed me his harness, and told me, that there was nothing for the vet could do to save him, and that he had gone on to heaven. I cried and cried. For months on end, I blamed myself. I was not able to move on. I was not able to get past losing the one person in the family, who had truly loved me.

We later on went and got another dog, it was another pekingese, but I could not love it, liked I Loved my Dog, Prince. He will always hold that very specail place in my heart, and life without him really sucks....

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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

So sorry for you, our pets are really our babies. Over my life time I have had many pets and have loved them as much as you have loved your beloved Prince, but in time you will find that feeling again.... take care...S

I'm sorry to hear about your dog..Losing people or loved pets, is still losing and hurts. You can't expect another dog to be that special one..but, the dog..or any pet is special in their ways..not a gotta give them a chance to win your heart. *Smile*