Charlie Our Orange Tabby

I lost my cat Charlie today he was only a year old and got hit by a car, I feel totally shattered, Iam a grown man and I cried today like I have never cried before.
Charlie was my best friend whenever I was home he would follow me around the house and hang out with me or my fiance.  I dont know what to do now I just want him back, it's not fair he was only with us for 11 short months.  He touched my heart like I never thought an animal could do, I remeber telling my fiance a few months ago that I hope nothing happens to this cat because he has taken a piece of my heart forever.
I just want to say that i will never forget him, he was an amazing animal and I love him.  I dont know what else to add right now other than I love you charlie and Iam sorry I couldnt protect you better.

davesbri davesbri
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 9, 2010

Rest in peace, Charlie. If you made his life a good one, a happy one, at least he had that. Even if he was only around for a short time, you made sure he was fed and content. <br />
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I wish people would drive slower and be more careful when driving around houses. Not only do many people have pets, but also children that play in the streets.