A Great Friend Is Gone

Last month my kitty Lumpy died. She was both an indoor and outdoor cat. Lumpy had given birth to 2 kittens on my bed 4 weeks before that, and so she had been staying inside and nursing them in my room. Unfortunately, because they were too young to put any medication on them, they had fleas. Eventually everyone in the house was crazy with flea bites, so we moved Lumpy and her kittens out to the garage.

No one even realized the implications of it being 4th of July weekend, that there would be a ton of traffic compared to our usually very slow traffic. Lumpy was hit by a car, and died. I think she probably passed away very quickly, but I never saw the body, someone else got it and put it in an empty grain bag.

I couldn't stop crying all day. It was crazy to think I'd never pick her up again and hear her purr, or turn around and see her following me when I went on a walk. Crazy to think she'd never lick her kittens again or cuddle them. She wasn't a typical cat. She wasn't the selfish, self-concerned type cats are described as. She was always more than willing to be picked up, petted, and hugged.

At least we gave her a good burial, in a pretty, shady spot near some trees. We had a nice little slab of concrete to use as a grave marker.

Still, that's not really where my Lumpy is. Whether she's in heaven or chasing other ghost kitties on Earth, I'm sure she's watching over her babies and family. I don't really care where we go when we die; I'm sure we go somewhere though. One day I'll meet the same fate and I'll see her again. Goodbye for now though, beloved.
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Thank you. The kittens are doing pretty well. One of them is extremely healthy and strong, the other one seems okay but she's pretty thin. (they're both 2 months old now, but they were able to eat softened dry cat food at 4 weeks so it wasn't too much a hassle) the younger they are the harder they are to keep alive so I'm impressed you managed to save a day-old kitty !

I'm so sorry for you, Lumpy will be up near The Rainbow Bridge, watching down on you and her kittens. Keep us informed on the kittens progress, I hope all is going well with them.<br />
I raised a day old kitten years ago with a dolls bottle and feeding every three hours, can't imagen doing it with 2 though...good luck