I have lost several beloved pets during my life, but this story is actually not about my pet, but my neighbor's.  My next-door neighbor is a single 36-year old woman.  She is pretty, and sweet, but for some reason she never settled down with anyone--not for lack of interest on her part, but I suppose sometimes you just don't find the right person, and before you know it time has slipped away.

Anyway, my neighbor was happy with her life, even though she wanted a guy to share it with, because she already had her perfect companion: a cute little Sheltie named Carlie.  Carlie was the sweetest dog ever!  By the time I met her, she was already pretty old.  My neighbor did everything to keep her in the best of health: fed her well, researched remedies for Carlie's skin condition, treated her like a Queen, everything.  I used to call Carlie "Princess," because she was so proper, and so regal.  When you pet her, she would turn her back to you so that you would scratch her butt.  She was very sweet, and absolutely charming. 

A few weeks ago, my neighbor took Carlie in for a routine checkup.  The doctors noticed that something was wrong...a few tests later, and they told my neighbor that Carlie had bladder cancer.  My neighbor did everything to help Carlie: medicine, she wanted to do surgery, she was wonderful.  Unfortunately it was too late...a few days ago my mum went in to check on Carlie, and she was dead.

My neighbor is devastated.  Her companion is gone, and I think she feels like she has nothing left.  The rest of us are heartbroken.  I keep having dreams where Carlie is still alive, and full of energy!  She prances over with her tongue hanging out, wanting me to play with her, wanting me to scratch her butt and call her Princess one last time.


We all miss you, Carlie.  I only hope your mommy will find a way to be ok without you.  :{

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I never forget my sweet dog, who died many years ago when I was a middleschool student. And even today, I sometimes dream about her. I always believe that dogs have feelings pretty much like we human beings.But I don't like cats at all.<br />
God bless Carlie, and i'm sure she is in a better place.

I never forget my sweet dog, who died many years ago when I was a middleschool student. And even today, I sometimes dream about her. I always believe that dogs have feelings pretty much like we human beings.But I don't like cats at all.<br />
God bless Carlie, and i'm sure she is in a better place.

In a better place, to be sure.

God Bless your neighbour I am sorry for her loo but I hope she knows now Carlie is at The Rainbow Bridge waiting for the day she will ne joined by the people who love her and she is safe in Jesus arms in Heaven. We lost a member of our family to Wake she was 19 years old she was and still is my Grandpas baby at 90 and 81 my grandparents are devested and my Grandpa is taking it really hard still he cries even though he has here urn he hug and picture of her he holds he wants his pooch. I am so sad I still cry with my Grandpa over our Loss of Wake the most Gentle Compassionate Loving Pup we had her since she was 6 weeks for 19 years she taught memore then any human could ever. We Love You Wake see you when we get to the Rainbow Bridge XOXOXO

My animals have always been my support and salvation. I believe they are beautiful souls and they go to a better place.

Having a pet is a joyous experience, but they eventually will leave us one day because that is how God had programmed it, they have shorter life span than human. It is always best to think that the pet had live a full happy life, and Carlie is being lavished with love and attention.

i am so sorry to hear about your neighbors pet that is terrible to lose your best friend, hopefully she will want to get another pet to love, you know the animal shelters are full of animals that would be forever grateful to have a new forever home with someone and she would be helping save the life of another animal

=( this is heart breaking - because not only has 'Princess' been a friend to your neighbor, she's also stood as her daughter, too.<br />
<br />
Maybe your dreams are reflective of how she is now. That she's in a better place... =)

My first two dogs we got when I was 6, and as is often the case, they died within months of each other when I was 19. I had two cats, both of whom died at 23 years (them, not me). We have since rescued & adopted many cats & a few dogs. We've lost some to illness, despite good medical & personal care. One horrifying summer we lost several to the shotgun, bow & pit bull of a disturbed teenage neighbor. The point is, we continue to have pets. We love them. We take care of them. We share heart, hearth and home, for however long we have them. And we are happy and grateful that we can. Yes, losing a pet is a special agony -- but it is part of life. Refusing to love new animals because you hurt so bad --or feel disloyal to -- the original pets denies you and them. Keep your heart and home open. I hope your neighbor finds a new little love. It's worth it.

My dog is ill. I am having him treated, but we are only buying time. Our pets are not lifetime companions, as their lifetimes are shorter. There are a lot of dogs that need rescue. When my dog is gone, I will rescue a dog. Won't be the same of course.

ah u poor luv, i lost my sammy after sixteen years of makin me laugh, he's now in a little box so he can keep an eye on sammy 2 who 4 some reason is as daft as a brush 2. Go to the pound love cause there r so many animals just waitin for an owner like u x

Hugs to Carlie's family. I hope the woman considers getting another dog. I lost one, and felt no one could replace him. I wouldn't have, except an older dog came to my attention. She needed a home when her human died. I took her in. She never replaced my other dog, but she got me over feeling so alolne.

I had two dogs, they were both brother and sister. But one day i dont know why one of them couldnt move i was so heart broken when i had to take him to the vet and the vet said he haid to be put to sleep, i cried all day :(. But after my other dogs brother died she started to not be able to move either i was so sad because i knew she had to be put to sleep, i was and still heart broken after about 2 years. I treated them like royalty and they had the best life i could give them. But these pets i grew up with and my father still cant get another dog because he still misses them. They also did the butt scratchy thing :(

that story is so sweet and heart breaking.i know the feeling of losing a pet myself.

thats so sad poor dog but at leat u know she is in a better palce she isout of her pain im so srry 4 her bless her amen.

I have lost my dog too about 3 years ago, it was like a baby for me and she was so cute, I am still so sad about this lost.

I lost 2 of my beloved dogs 2 years ago where they were so bad I had to put them to sleep. I held them as they drew their last breath. Then 3 months later, their companion cat that they had grown up with was attacked viciously and killed. I had all three, sixteen years. They were my best friends, my companion, my consolers. My heart was and still is broken. I still cry, after 2 yrs. I have lost other animals but these guys were the first animals I had after my divorce. I pleaged to them that they would have the best life I could give them. I did, They were treated like my kids, and they thought they were people too. they did the same turn around and scratch my butt thingy, too.