several months ago a lovely grey striped cat appeared at our house.  he was full grown but appeared young.  he was crazy about my son.  we named him robert after a cat that we had many years ago...they could have been twins!  as far as robert was concerned, sonny had the only lap that fit....the only bed that beckoned, and the best 'sneaked-under-the-table' treats.  it was obvious the son was the chosen one.  now he was very friendly and loving to me but son was definitely his pick.
the first day he was missing was not too alarming.  he was an inside and outside cat but never wandered far from the house.  the second day was tense.  we took turns calling for him.  by yesterday i was pretty sure we had somehow lost him.  he was always at the door waiting to be let in.  the cool thing about him being in the house was the he didn't have to have a litter box.  he would go to the door and yeowl until someone let him out.
son found him dead this afternoon.  and my sweet ...almost 17 yr old boy/man has cried and sobbed until he's about sick.  you think that wouldn't break a mama's heart?  it was hard enough knowing our sweet pet is dead.  but my baby....weeping his heart out.....oh my.
he was obviously killed by one of our dogs....most likely the blue heeler.  the dog was accidentally inside the fenced yard this past sunday night...when we last saw robert.  son is ready to gun the dog down.  of course he will cool off some but it will take a long time.  i try to reassure him that dogs simply do not have any reasoning.  and robert had no fear because he got along beautifully with the other dogs here.  they ate together, played together and slept together.  

i know there will be more cats and more tears but for right heart breaks for the loss of our sweet animal but more for my tenderhearted, cat loving son..

he was famous for 'smiling' every time i pointed a camera at him..
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I am so sorry Sunni! When our cat had to be put down we were a mess too. I know how sensitive your lad is, bless his heart. Please give him a hug from me. I just don't know what else to say. i feel ill with this news. I am just so, so sorry. Much love my friend. xx

thank you, dear heart! he's a very forgiving person and yes, will be fine with the dog...eventually ;)<br />
he's trying to decide if he can afford a cat from the shelter or start checking with friends who have cats to give away. lots of stuff worse for a 16 yr old boy to be pondering...sigh :)

I am sure you Son will forgive the dog, but I understand how he feels right now. The cat, obviously, meant a great deal to him and I can understand how the dog reacted like this; as you say, nature of the dog and given the cat was a recent addition.<br />
<br />
Sorry that everyone's upset at the moment sunni, but here's to a new beginning. I am sure your son will get past this but at the same time I know he is upset and you, his dear Mother, feel his pain.<br />
<br />
Big hugs to you today sunni, because you need them ((Hugs)))<br />
<br />

ty bubba..

That damned old circle of life continues to turn ... all of us walkin our balancin act upon it.<br />
<br />
Peace lil sis.

oh, thank yall so much! i will definitely share this with my son. he's been so comforted by the kindness and thoughts shared here. it certainly makes it easier to bear. (((hugs)))

But than out of the blue an ex I quit talking to messages her on Facebook that I had quit talking to a long tine ago. That caused drama and an argument so I blocked the like my gf asked. Now she doesn't believe that I did and says that I still text her and all this other crap despite me saying she can go through my phone and check.

so sad, hope everyone will start not hurting from it, <br /><br />
pets hold a special place in ones hearts, <br /><br />
they have unconditional love for you,<br /><br />
and if you have them for a short time, or very long time you still cry for them, <br /><br />
brings tears, <br /><br />
I had a stray named rusty, a organge kitten out of a stray mom I fed ,<br /><br />
rusty was wild like the rest, but he stayed with me her ,almost to pet him,<br /><br />
I went to work one day and returned to find out the man down the street shot him and killed him,<br /><br />
I was so upset I went to the mans house and said many words and turned him in ,<br /><br />
and he still is doing it ,<br /><br />
im sorry for your pain<br /><br />

I to unfortunately lost a beloved pet, December 16th 09, My thoughts, prayers and love are with you at this, sad awful time! I am so, so sorry!!!! i know how you are feeling! Love and hugs!!!! my darling!

Awww, *hugs* My heart goes out to all of you....

thank you my lil angel♥

oh my!! i had that happen too! i guess when we have all the dogs [not a single cat at present :(] something i s always going on. several years ago my cat had a litter during the night. our boston terrier was fascinated. she always loved kittens. so the next morning she decided to help herself to one! the poor lil thing couldn't survive those jaws! she wasn't being vicious. she just wanted a kitten!!<br />
sooo...while i was going crazy trying to figure out what to do next...holding the dead kitten...wailing....the dog goes back and gets another one!! GOOD GOSH!!! that was one more nightmare to add to the book of sunni's animal tales @-@

I can imagine. One time our dog accidentally got into the house and killed two kittens of the litter of 5 my cat had. I was horrified and hated the dog for a long time after that, but I eventually got over it.

oh honey, i know. i was thinking of you as i wrote the story. yes, i'm sad about robert...but when it comes to the kiddo having his heart broken and losing the sweet kitty too....mama's in a puddle! hug your baby especially for us tonite, sweet one.... xx

oh no... oh no, oh no, oh no!!! SUNNI! i can't believe it... we were just talking about our adorable kitties... omigosh, i'm gonna cry. i'm so sorry for you and your baby... dammit!!! :0( *sob*

thank you, shugah...he's definitely an animal freak. but cats are his heart :)

thank you sharossody. i will tell him just that. a lovely poem for sure.

oh you are so right. he's really emotionally stronger than most adults. his view of grandaddy dying was wonderful. he says that the old man died doing what he wanted and didn't suffer. gone in an instant. and you know what...son was in the tractor with him when he died. had to help get him out. now you think i didn't nearly go off the deep end with that? the only thing that held me together was son's fortitude. <br />
thanks yall...♥

Yes 'this one' showed him and gave him love in return, Robert will be waiting by the Rainbow Bridge for your boy, and in time he will forgive the dog.

Yes sunni... but -and I don't mean to be rude- he's still young. Young hearts mend far better. The scars may show longer, but the healing goes swifter. In that regard it is so very good sonny was able to let it all out -maybe now even also for his granddaddy...<br />
So I was more concerned for you, because I also understand that this must be so very hard on you: the grief for the loss of robert and on top of that the grief for sonny's grief... like you said, there's nothing harder on a loving mother than to see the apple of her eye in such emotional distress...<br />
(((((((((((((((((((((((hugemungus hug))))))))))))))))))))))))

you know, he felt so bad three years ago when his granddaddy died and he didn't cry. i reassured him it was ok. bless his heart...he has made up for it today...<br />
po child has buried so many pets...but this one was the worst. :(

Awww sunni... this breaks my heart also... for robert, for sonny and for you sweet, sweet sunni :'(

AWE.......<br />
<br />
sweetness. HUGS!