Hunter </3

I used to have a black lab, purebred dog that grew up to have puppy paws his entire life. He was the sweetest dog anyone could have ever asked for, and he was my best friend his whole life. The whole neighborhood loved him, all the kids would come pet him when I was bringing him to the yard, or when we tried to walk him (he broke so many of his leashes it was ridiculous, so we just expanded our backyard and played with him all the time)

One day, when he was tied in the front yard (where he went when we were trying to clean up dog doo from the backyard) I looked out the window and saw the paperboy throwing rocks at him. I went outside to tell him to stop and he walked right up to the dog... and he was surprised when Hunter gave him a warning nip on the leg. I put Hunter back inside and went to see the kid, he wasnt hurt, wasnt even bleeding, so I got the paper and helped him pick up his bike.

He came back an hour later, his pant leg torn to shreds, and his leg bandaged, the gauze soaking through. His dad was with him... They said we had to get Hunter put down after a rabies-testing period or they were going to sue us for it and have him put down anyways... So... after ten days of not seeing my beloved dog I came home from school to find his collar and tags on the kitchen table and a picture of him sitting in the front seat of my mom's bf's truck...

I miss him to this day...
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2 Responses May 15, 2011

What do you think was the reason for their behavior? think the kid needed attention from his parents that badly? I feel so sorry for you and your dog, If the rabies vaccination was good why did they put the dogs down? Tied up on your property? Makes no sense.

Should have put the paperboy and his dad down, they were and still are the menace!