I Miss My Sister... Liah1986

Hi friends.. this is my story which happened in EP itself.. ya.. I met a girl named Liah ( not real name) before couple of weeks... we were very frank... chatting nicely and friendly... We constructed a sister - brother relationship... But the fact is we chatted for only 3 days... But I spoke with her very frankly and so long as i haven't spoken with my own mother and father... That much I loved her attitude and her kind heart...

One sunday.. she came to chat with me at that night... But I was little busy, trying to console my facebook friend, who was worrying about her personal life... so I was supposed to made liah to wait... But she went offline suddenly... I thought that she went to sleep... And the next day I found that LIAH1986 is no longer belongs to experience project...

My heart was stunned... I couldn't beliv my eyes... Tears shedded automatically from my eyes... I cannot stop crying... even now... I cried and worried a lot, as she went out of EP without saying a single word to me...

Liah sister... I hope, one day I will cme to malaysia and definitely find and meet you... yes akka... I will.. you may be here with some other name... I don't want to disturb you.. bye akka... live happily where ever you live...
natzx natzx
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I totally understand how you are feeling.That was so insensitive of her to ditch you without any valid reason.I know its gonna hurt real bad.Its gonna take some time to forget her.An online friend of mine hurt me for no reason.Right now I'm coping with the shock.It's unbelievable.It's a long story.It's somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one in this kind of situation.

i am so very sorry........that u lost sumbody u cherish here on ep...!! but i am equally sure u wud meet her sumday and find more wonderful people here on ep...!!!

but when...? ok.. thanx sister.. waiting for tht moment,.. :)

That's childish isn't it? To leave without telling you why. I can't stand deceit or secretive, hurtful ways. I may hurt peoples feelings with my upfront, blunt and honest approach at times, but I'd like to think they ultimately respect me for my truthfullness.<br />
<br />
Sorry for your experience natzx. That sucks.