Life Just Isn't Fair

I just lost my little guy on Saturday night. He was attacked by stray dogs. I wasn't here but my boyfriend said it was probably a good thing I was gone for the night. His name was Capone, he was a Doberman crossed with Husky. I took him in from a guy who said his daughter was allergic to him and that he was having a problem with a sand flea infestation. We only got to spend three months together, but in that three months I was able to turn that poor little guy into a proud handsome dog. RIP Capone I love you baby boy!
PoppasBear PoppasBear
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1 Response Feb 7, 2012

Im sorry for your loss.I know how you feel as Ive lost a number of pets over my lifetime !

Thanks, I'm glad I got give him a good home if only for a little while.