My Best Friend Little Bear

    I had a small chiwawa (spelling wrong) for 13 years. He was small but we had him since he was 2 weeks old. The first night in our home I let him sleep with us. I was awaken to what I thought was rain. When I woke up he had wet on my head. At first I was mad but I got over it and my partner and I laughed. The three of us took a shower together. I willl always think about this and laugh I loved him so much.
     The last  months I could see him slipping. I told the vet I would pay anything to keep him alive. I would even give one of my arms or legs. But nothing would work we tried it all. When he died I wanted to jump in to the grave with him. I will never have another. None could take his place....... Becky Anne
beckyanne1 beckyanne1
61-65, F
Apr 28, 2012