Its Been Two Years But I Miss And Love Her So Much

I have lost many animals in my life and all of them i love deeply but for some reason Gypsy was diffrent. She took over a part of my heart and sole that i dont think will ever heal. She was my daughter in everyway that counted.
She came into my life on December first 2003 and left me six years later on October 2, 2009 of heart failure in cardiac ICU.
The day i found her in our trunk in between trips to take christmas presents to the house i was adamant i did not want to keep her but with in days she took my heart. when she came into our lifes our dog at the time had cancer of the bone and I was hurting knowing i would lose her soon. I cried buckets when Crystal died on September 20, 2004 but was coforted and loved by Gyps out of my depression.

My heart broke even more that thanksgiving day when we put Gyps out side and heard her let out a horrific yip. We all ran out and she was laying on the Patio and could not walk. I rushed her to the vet the next day who opened the door to the room we where in and looked at me and asked "do you want to save her." Of course i flipped out and asked her what I had to do and she told me to take her to Ackron.

I took her and did the expensive back surgery then slept on a air matress in the middle of the living room for seven moths before she was able to go back up to bed. I had to take her everywhere and she did everything with me in that time if she could not go then niether could I thats what I was told from all the doctors so thats what happened. They also told me she may never walk and may have to wear diapers and would never jump.They where wrong with all of it she started walking on her own with in the first two weeks and she was jumping as soon as she was able to go up to bed at night.

She did good for the next couple of years but then in December of 2008 she started coughing and I gave her antibiotics and cough syurp but it did not help. I had a sick feeling the day i took her to the vet and I almost passed out when she told me her heart was bad. Again we went to Ackron and seen a heart specialist and she put her on pills and my girl did so good for months. Then all of a sudden a few days after her visit in september and a few days after my birthday she started throwing up liquid. I called the vet and took her in her stomach was full of liquid and her whole heart was out of wack. the next morning we took her to the heart specialist in Ackron and they tried to save her but she died.

I feel so bad because when the doc was starting to take her back for her test i told her to go ahead i would see her in an hour I walked out on her and never seen her again. I still feel like it is my fault she went into cardiac arrest she thought i left her and it just breaks my heart.
thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
36-40, F
May 5, 2012