Edward Frozen In Time

I'll write my turtle Edward's story in a simple rhyming poem. I don't wanna relive that moment...

Edward Was Very Bright
Always Had An Eye For Sight
He Ate, Slept And Fed Hungrily Every Bite
His Time Was Aplenty Before His Plight

Hunger Ceased Forever More
His Health Deteriorated Ever Poor
I Tried To Assist But His Fate Sealed Behind The Door
Winter Had Came Edward's Stubborness Was Sure

At Last The Time Was Late
The Decision I Had To Make
I Went To Green With White A Flake
Final Goodbyes Were For His Sake

Memories Of Time, Fun, and Play
One Last Look I Cast Away
Tears Fall Down As He Reached The Lake
I Turn Away With A Bitter Shake

RIP Edward~
Lushiro Lushiro
22-25, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

Sorry you lost your turtle. I think they're cute. I used to have a friend that kept two baby turtles as pets. I would watch them feed on fruit in their outdoor cage. They were no bigger than a tennis ball. Cute.