Yesterday I came home from school knowing that something was wrong. I rang the doorbell and my mum appeared, crying. So I ran as fast as I could into a quiet wood and sat there bawling my eyes out. I have had my little cat blackboy my whole life. He was 19 when he died and honestly I swear trhere could not be a nicer cat. He never hissed or scowled and was always happy, dribbling and purring. He was my world, i dont have anyone else, and I keep trying to forget about it but I feel so alone. I have to keep stopping myself searching for him because I was with him every single second I could be. I feel empty and lost, and like part of my heart died yesterday. I think I'm already depressed and now losing the one good thing i had in my life is killing me. I loved him so so much with all my heart and now hes gone and I didnt say goodbye when I left that morning. I dont know what to do, I can hear him and smell him all the time and i just want a cuddle with him more than anything in the world. I cant eat or sleep, he is just constantly on my mind. My first GCSE exam starts a week on monday and I just know i wont be able to concentrate. Please help me.
Blackboy 14/2/93-4/05/2012 <3
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I am soooo sorry for your loss and i also realise as you do that he's irreplaceable and was such an important part of your life. Blackboy knew he was deeply loved. You and he were the best friends for all those years and he was family. At the end of the day we are left with fond memories and gratitude for having had such a great friend as Blackboy in the first place. Good luck with the GCSE exams. I'm sure Blackboy would want you to do well. God bless you and your family!