Oreo And Dixie

A few years ago, my mom adopted two hamsters for me and my brother. They were sisters, and were raised by a lady who bred and raised hamsters. We named them Oreo and Dixie, and they were the sweetest hamsters in the world.
Though I didn't have them for very long, as hamsters usually live less than 5 years, I shared fond memories with them. I used to sneak them to my bedroom and let them play on the floor, and I enjoyed taking them out of their cage into their little carrier on adventures. I fed them well, changed their water, cleaned their cage, and pet them a lot. After having them for about 2-3 years, Dixie was sick, and I took her to the vet with my mom. They diagnosed her with kidney disease and injected something in her that made her right side swell up. Apparently it was supposed to help her, but she only lived a few weeks after that. She passed away, and I was left to take care of her sister, Oreo. I had lots of fun with Oreo until it was her time to pass, and I will always remember them as the best hamsters I ever had. Sweet, fun, and caring, I was very close to them, and if I were to have a pet hamster again, I would notice much of a difference from my sweet little girls.
SubZero18 SubZero18
18-21, F
May 7, 2012