Siberian Husky Mix

Her name was Mason and we did everything together. She has been in my life for 8 years and was my sisters dog when she was just a puppy. When she out grew her puppy looks my sister wanted nothing more to do with her. Her looks never changed to me. She was the only survivor of 6 puppies and I loved her so much. As she got older and older she slowed down. She wasn't as fast or as playful anymore. I still loved her all the same.

I was in 8th grade the year she died. It was March 1 when we returned home from my sisters house in a different city. She wasn't there to greet us like usual. I shrugged it off thinking she just chased a squirrel somewhere and she was slow getting back. An hour passed and nothing from her. So I went in search of her. I walked all over my 16 acre farm and hollered her name. Nothing. I walked more and hollered suddenly a whine came from near our old garage so I ran to it and found her laying. I looked at her and she looked so sad. I knew she couldn't move. And i checked to see if she had broken something but she didn't seem to be in pain. She looked sick. I picked her up. An 8th grader picking up a 60-80 pound dog and walked back to our house. I laid her on a blanket and refused to leave her all night.

The next day I had to go to school. So I told my mom to make a vet appointment as soon as possible since she didn't have to work until 2. She didn't listen and thought she was fine. When I came home she was gasping for breath and i called my mom bawling and asked her to come take us to the vet and she did. She had had a stroke. And the next few days would be critical. She died hours later.

To this day I still cry. I still beat myself up for not doing something sooner. I blame my mom even though I know it wasn't her fault. That night when she died she took the only friend I had in this world away from me. I would give anything to see her again, to live like we used to. I would trade my life for hers in a heart beat because I believe she had more to offer than i did.
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18-21, F
May 11, 2012