Was my cats name because he looked like he had eaten to many of them when I adopted him as a kitten,I have his sibling brother also, who is still living.I left for Costa Rica and almost as soon as I got there my friend who was sitting my cats at the time, told me that Bon-Bon was acting weird not eating and walking in circles etc.I had her take him to the vets and on and off this went on for a week or more,I rushed home early because his condition got worse,He lasted only a couple of days after I returned before I had to take him to be put to sleep, the vet thought it must have been a brain tumor or something? It came on so sudden. I will always feel somewhat guilty for being on vacation when Bon-Bon got sick.Putting him to sleep was one of the saddest days of my life ,I still have the blanket in the closet that I carried him to the vet to..untouched..:-(
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Oh my heart breaks reading your message. I am exactly the same way about my baby-Aspen, diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago. I couldn't imagine life without this amazing little sweetheart that has brought do much happiness and unconditional love in my life. His diabetes is well controlled now- thanks to our awesome vets- I give him 2 insulin shots a day, plus he is on a strict special diet. He went blind last February - all diabetic dogs go blind, some within weeks of diagnosis. He made it 6 months and went totally blind in 3 days. Happy ending to this story- he was a candidate for cataract surgery- cataracts caused by the diabetes. Had the surgery in August. He got his full eyesight back immediately after surgery. He was so happy and himself again. Amazing how our beloved pets bring so much happiness into our lives. And the grief we have to deal with after losing them is so hard. So. I understand.. Putting him to sleep was one of the saddest days if your life. Made my heart hurt for you. You must be a very special person, loving your sweet cat so much- and, I hope you have another pet that brings you the happiness that your cat did. No pet we love can be replaced, but they can bring us happiness <3

I'm so sorry for your loss :/ I currently have a dog named Onyx and I love him so much, but sometimes I begin to think about the day he'll die and I get so sad thinking about it. I don't know how I'll be ready for that loss, but I'll have to spend as much time as I can with him until then. Thanks for sharing your side of things!

I know how u feel We to lost one not long ago franky our Indian ringneck parrot he was so loud some times would drive u nuts but we still miss him hope to get another.

i dont have any pets now i had a cat for years and he died of old age and then i got a dog she lived to be a good age but got very ill at the end so she was put to sleep i then got another cat and she ate some poison i think and died so i have given up i hate losing my friends

Losing pets sucks! I lost two guinea pigs in the past and I still miss them! They were the best baby girls ever!!

Putting a pet down is probably one of the most heart breaking experiences a person can ever have in life. we know. We have had to put down three of our "babies" in the last three years.

I understand ... having gone thru a similar experience...R.I.P. BON-BON...AS ALWAYS WE REPLACE OUR PETS AND GIVE ANOTHER ANIMAL A LIFE OF LUXURY... :) doc t

You shouldn't feel guilty. Sounds like it was the end no matter what. You were able to be there at the end and that's the only thing that counts. You provided a loving home for him and with that he had a good life. The world needs more people like you.

A beloved pet is like family - it's hard to lose them.

i have just lost my dog of 10 years recently as he started attacking my other dogs i had to have him put down - worst day of my life he was such a real character

Thanks for sharing this story. I know only too well how guilty and bereft you must feel.

I lost my boy Rufus just about this time last year. He had come to me when he was about four, suffering from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. The vet had asked me to take him on because he had to be in an environment where there were no other animals. She paid all his medical bills, his food and his grooming costs. All I had to pay for was cat litter. Ten years on, his health started to decline. There would be a setback and then periods when he seemed to do well. He seemed to be doing fine when I left for 10 days in Scotland last Christmas.

Apparently he didn't do well when I was away. His minder didn't want to tell me because she thought there was nothing I could do. By the time I saw him it was clear that things weren't getting better. It's as though he waited for me to get back. I was absolutely gutted when I had to make the decision to end his life. I was at work and broke down in my supervisor's office, but couldn't tell her why because not everyone understands the depth of feeling one can have for an animal companion.

I wish I could say that I was dignified when the time to say goodbye but I was a mess and couldn't bear the thought of staying with him when they gave him the needle. I had done it once before with another beloved cat and I have a picture in my mind which I can't get rid of. I wanted to remember him breathing and warm. Luckily the vet staff all knew Rufus well and were as devastated as I was. I haven't been able to get another cat or indeed go back to the veterinary office where everyone had been so kind to me and to my father over the years. I have thanked them via email but that's as much as I can do.

For months afterward I imagined he was still walking around the flat. I moved five months later and one of the last things I found while cleaning up was a stray cat treat and a tuft of his fur. A last goodbye? He's with me every day and everywhere I go.

Christmas is hard for me since my parents are gone and now my pal is gone as well. I have trouble connecting with other people in a healthy way but I felt nothing but pure love for this little creature who was so sweet and so gentle and only asked to be loved. I'm glad I've at least had that.

I know the feeling of pet loss. : ( And am praying my sweet Tiger is not soon to be another loss.

Some one told me just recently that we have to keep in mind that these pets are entrusted to us as a gift, and we must think first of the joy they provided while here. I believe when I die I will see my cat and others I've lost.

I know how this feels taking a beloved pet to be put to sleep. The only comfort you can take is that you saved a lot of suffering for him. Don't feel guilty because you had no idea this would happen. It doesn't mean you loved Bon Bon any less.

:( Sad story.

You have my sympathy would you like to talk? can you private message me?

Did you know, when a feline passes over to the basket in the sky, they become shadows; you don't believe me. ? any time you are on your own, and it's quiet, usually toward the onset of darkness; and you imagine a movement just out of your peripheral vision, it is most probably Bon-Bon just passing by to checck you are still ok.

Our Dandy - named cuz his black & white was like a tuxedo & bib thingy - used to sneak under a sheet of newspaper & whirl round madly

Musta been da first spin doctor

But scientifically, your presence would not have stopped or cured a brain tumour, yes?

We find the prisoner Not Guilty, M'Lud

Must celebrate ya release sometime

If U R local, there's a BBQ on Sat @ 2pm @ Wonderful Wacky Wirral's lovely Thursaston Common - Visitor Centre area - weather permitting, of course


Sorry for your loss. It's so so sad when a pet dies. When I was a kid, we had a dog that was a pup when I was born, so this dog was almost like a sibling. When I was 11 y.o. the dog got sick and my dad had to take her away. I came home from school that day and found her place empty. It made me physically ill as it was like I just had lost my sister. Some people might find this silly, but for me it was worse than when my grandfather died. I was closer to this dog, as gramps and me never got to know each other so well as I was still very young when he died. So yes, I can very well understand that it was the saddest day of your life.

So sorry for your loss, I lost a kitty like that, I was traveling and he got sick, he passed before I got back home

I not great cat lover but do understand. <

:( always sad, I had Gizmo, he died, he was the best cat ever, I found him abandoned he was probably only about 10 days old, I fed him with an eyedropper he was so young, a vet recomended formula until he got older, I weaned him, taught him how to poop, liter-box trained him, he followed me everywhere like he was a dog, sat on my head, shoulders, lap...I miss him, I came home from work at the Salon one day and found him wrapped in a blanket with a very sad neighbor who said he went to turn on his truck and did not know Gizmo was in the engine, he died, I could not bare to save the blanket :( He was only 8 months old.

awwr Thats a sad one ... so young that must have broke your heart :-(

How absolutely sad. I also lost a beloved pet... my cat that was more than a friend for me, so I can relate. :(

people who dont get attached to pets dont undesatnd.its heart breaking isnt it :-(

I am very sorry for your loss. Really sad.

me too :-( thanks

I am very sorry for the loss of your little cat. We had a similar experience with one of our cats. His name was Oliver and he was the biggest cat we ever had , he too started to do odd things in the last few days of his life. Our vet thought that Oliver must have had a brain tumour. It was a very sad day when we had to have him put dow.

:-( sorry

It is amazing the attachment one feels towards pets. We have 8 dogs and 4 cats at the moment. 5 of the dogs and all of the cats were rescued in Spain and brought back to the UK. Some of them are getting old now, and I know that somewhere up the road, a great deal of heartbreak and sadness will be inevitable, but for now it is great having a houseful of animals, a handful, yes, but so much affection, definately wouldn't want to be without them ! I am sorry for the loss of your beloved cat, I know just how hard it is to lose a pet .

I still have 5 more cats and I know that someday I will have to say goodbye to all of them..I cant stand the thought to be honest .The oldest is Bon Bon's brother "Mou" hope he stays around for a few more years :-)

My eldest cat had to be put down a couple weeks ago. He was the most social, most cuddly and super soft cat I have ever known. I loved him more than anything else in this world.

I definitely feel your pain. It really sux losing an animal. I bond with my pets so deeply. I have never been able to handle losing them. It just tears my heart up.

So, just know your not alone right now. I'm still going through the motions myself. Its excruciatingly hard. I hate it. Sorry for your loss.

Sorry for yours , thats recent .. so sorry :-(

I'm sorry you lost your beloved Bon-Bon. I had a cat adopt me that almost got barbequed. He was my best buddy. I wrote a story about him. BQ was truly a guy's cat. He was my barbeque buddy.

It tough isnt it :-( thanks and sorry about yours .

Get one of those baby droppers and feed her some baby formula?? I have done that before with my cats to get them to drink..I have a cat called LuLu :-)