My Beloved Pennydog.

pennydog was my world,my life,my best friend,my guardian,my partner in crime,my secret keeper,my most treasured and wonderful baby girl!!

we were together for fourteen years and she helped through some really tough times,sad times and joyful times!

she was a bridesmaid at my wedding,we did hospital visiting together,she was our `shop dog`,we went on every holiday together and basically we were joined at the hip!

one fateful night my husband accidently shut her out of the house,I had gone to bed so didn`t realize! we looked for her for hours but vcouldn`t find her!

the next morning I got the `phone call`,she had been found dead at the sideof the road,noone had stopped and she had died all alone!

we went to collect her and she just looked the same,but she was gone forever!

The pain and anguish I have felt is unbearable and still is to this day!I felt I let her down and cannot bare the thought of her dying all alone,maybe in pain!
nothing will bring her back and I am left with the biggest hole in my heart.

I am not religious,but hope one day that we will be together again.......
I`m so so sorry,my glorious,funny furry friend.
suecurly suecurly
51-55, F
Jun 25, 2012