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In December I lost my dog Buddy who was a husky/shepherd mix. A day before I was to come home from school for winter break he passed away. I knew he was going downhill for a while. My family tried their best to keep him around until I got home, but he didn't make it. We probably would have put him down when I got home if he was still around. It was a rough day after I got the call in the morning from my mom. It was rough when I went to the animal hospital to see his body one last time before being cremated. I felt I had to see him one last time. He was very special to me. I was the one who picked him and named him. Also, his birthday was in the same month as mine, June. I still really miss him.
nudematt nudematt 22-25, M 5 Responses Jul 2, 2012

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What is there to say but sorry?

I know the pain of losing a loved friend. I have had to live through a number of wonderful dogs. I cried each time. Even though their lives are shorter than ours, they give us such love and devotion and we have the opportunity to return our love and care. They are gifts to us.

I know how you feel, it is almost like loosing a brother or child.

It's always hard to "put down" our 4-legged friends. Our oldest dog is now 11 and I know he will be gone in a few years in spite of the fact that we got this "back-up" dog who is 4 and seems to be keeping the older dog younger by playing, running, etc. I dread the day we have to face what is evintually gonna happen

Four-legged creatures are often our very best friends.