Always My Baby

i never had a dog and i actually never anted one but my husband talked me into it.he wanted a big dog but isaid no way! im scared of big dogs! one day i saw someone walking two short little brown dog who waddeled when they walked and i made the mistake of saying how cute! my hubby found out what breed they were and shure enough we went to a breeder in a few days.without even knowing anything about dachunds we saw a puppy with his mommy and i caalled out come here puppy! he ran into my arms and fell asleep and went home with us. 14 years later after having 3 surgerys for stone, pancreatitis and other issues we found out he had severe kidney failure. he woulnt eat and was very weak but he still nuzzeled my leg so i would pick him up and put him on the couch with me.for 14 years i treated him like my baby boy giving him baths and wrappinh him in the towel hugging him, kissing his nose and calling him my beatiful terrible day he wouldnt eat and he threw up. at the vets he vomited again and we made the awful desision to let him go.he is in a tin in his home and he will be remembered forever as my baby boy.
sqeaky sqeaky
Aug 4, 2012