A True Friend

I have never been a dog fan but my mom decided to surprise me one day after school.We drove to the middle of nowhere called Phelan, to pick out a puppy. There were eight Labs to pick from. Mom left it up to me to pick. I crawled under the owners trampoline, examining the pups that were asleep in the shade. There I found my Mavrick, cute, chubby, pure blood chocolate lab with twist hair at the tip of his tail. He moaned in my arms as I brought him over to my mom in a towel.

Mavrick and I have been the best of friends since that love at first sight. He was always energetic, playful and very funny to watch. As he grew older and more muscular, we taught him how to swim using the stairs in our pool. My mom moved to the next state over, taking my cat and Mavrick with her, but I refused to go. Family Feud if you will. After a few years, a moved in with her just to finish school and move back out. I decided to go to the gym early one morning for Zumba. I think it was 5am. I heard my phone ringing during one of the workouts, but ignored it figuring I could check it when I got done. Once I did, I realized that my mom was texting and calling me repeatedly. One voice mail said, "The dogs have gotten out. you need to come home and look for them". The last message said, "We still haven't found them. come home and look for them on your way home." I panicked. Mavrick and my mom's boyfriends' dog Splash were on the loose. Splash was 100% blind. I quickly called back informing mom that I was on my way home and looking for our pets. When I made it home by 8:15, Mom and her boyfriend were in tears. They found them hit on the side of the road, together. Somehow the side heavy iron gate got open. I lost it. On the bright, it was better for him to get hit by car than die from the sickness he was suffering from. The vets gave him medicine to take but it was more or less helping. I miss my Mav.
Solowing86 Solowing86
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2012