Not Through Death, But Gone All The Same

My Vivi, you were something special. I got you the same year my father died, only a couple days prior, after years of bugging my mother for a puppy, I finally got you. You were a toy dauchshand, black and brown, perfectly adorable with a little jag in your tail. My mother called it character, you were my Christmas present.

We were so much alike, it was scary. You ate what I ate (not purposely), you loved being cuddled, and there was a strong personality with you that was very similar to me when I was a child.

I remember when I first neutered you, how broken you seemed. You had such life, but back from the doctor you seemed so weak and apathetic, and you even pooped on my coat, it wasn't even normal looking, but I wasn't mad at you. I couldn't be mad at you, I knew you were in pain so I never held it against you.

I remember when you first turned 1 how confused you looked, the party was more for us then you. But you enjoyed it anyhow.

But even with all those nice memories, the truth was, I didn't deserve you.
I didn't take care of you properly--mom had to do it mostly because I was suffering. And while having you helped me a bit, it wasn't going to take away my pain and my problems. You did the best you could, but you deserved better. So the day you got sold under my neck, I cried for three days straight. I loved you more then you will ever know Vivi.
Even when I didn't take care of you properly
Even though I would always yell at you when you'd pee literally on everything
Even when you would destroy my stuff
I'm sorry I couldn't be a better owner to you.
But hopefully, whoever you are with now, is taking better care of you then I ever could.
I hope you are still alive somewhere and happy with someone
...But I selfishly also hope you don't ever forget me, because I never will forget you.

Signed, your first and still adoring owner.
With love, xx
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1 Response Aug 27, 2012

Beautifully written Young Art Major <br />
<br />
Your family- friend and loyal companion- Vivi knows and always understood you so rest and lay down the worry sweetie- thats why God put Vivi in your path at this moment in time is my therory YAM <br />
<br />
YAM -you are so special honey- I really hope my daughter uses her skills and does express herself because its so important in the growing process to be able to express yourself-<br />
<br />
I think your so articulated the way you are able to write about your feelings its your strength honey its going to be your saving grace- <br />
<br />
Thank-you YAM for reminding me of the good in people again especially on the world wide web no less. Thank you YAM for choosing me to be your friend- for being my first important/valued friend on here- <br />
<br />
I also have read you and can feel the passion and sincerity of what your writing it really moves me and most important its a demostration of pur natural affection for others with no selfish motive- Its truly my honor to read such a good-hearted- girl.<br />
<br />
Angels are with you always- Young Art Major<br />
<br />
God Bless Us All<br />
<br />