My Mentally Ill Duck

Quite a strange animal to have as a pet, eh?

I loved my duck.It simply appeared in my life in one of my toughest moments.
My headphones fell off ...while I was just having a walk outside my house's fence, I could hear dogs barking , and a birds cry.
The next thing I remember is seeing a small creature covered in blood, barely moving itself.
I didn't---know what to do. Part of me was afraid to actually look at, afraid it would die in my hands and live me traumatized forever...while a part of me knew I was just a big coward for thinking that way.
And so, I pushed myself towards that..."creature" sent away the dogs, (I remember I started shouting wildly, no wonder the dogs left)
My heart started to melt.I didn't know what to do, I knew that If I took it inside my house my mum would just demand me to throw it, thinking I'd do him a favor,--to spare him of his suffering.
In the end, I took it home, with all my parents' shoutings and all the hard moments I had taking care of my new beloved pet...things went for the better.
My parents grew to accept Roo, ( my duck's name:) ) and My dad made a special house for Roo, so that he could stay outside in the grass.
I can still remember, how I used to come back from school running to see my duck.
It's been 5 months now....since his death. I am finally able to look at it a better perspective.
I could've never thought ducks had...."mental illnesses"
I could've never thought that my duck would wild
( She had all she wanted,love,-- I even occassionally brought him to my neighbour for him to mate, he had his own swimming pool, his house, the best food I could've given him...)
Roo started biting everyone, he was so wild once he bited my leg and I still have the scar left
We couldn't enter our own garden!
In the end, my parents decided they should euthanize him.
Ofcourse I never accepted it! So they decided to give them to my ...neighbour who grew birds and ducks.
Only later had I found out, they actually sent him away to euthanize him.
And that's my story of me and my beloved duck...who was there for me...and I ---just wasn't.
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