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We got our dog Sabache when I was about 11 years old. He was black lab, golden retriever and German shepherd mix. He was smooth coated as a puppy, but as he got older, he grew a beautiful black coat. He was a wonderful dog. He was ever faithful to my father, truly man's best friend. He followed my dad everywhere, and listened to him the best lol. He was so full of life just a happy dog in general.

On September 2, 2011 he passed away. His kidneys had failed, and he had lost control of his bowels and his movements. My mother called me at work to tell me what happened, that she couldn't see him suffer like that, and she n my father n brother were taking him to the vet to be put down. I broke down as soon as I got off the phone. My best friend was going to die and I couldn't even be there to say goodbye.

This is the first time I can actually write this down without crying. I wish that we could have saved him, that we had had the thousand or so dollars to save his life. Instead, a mere 30 bucks ended his suffering. At least he is in a better place, and one day I'll see him again.

RIP SABACHE 2.8.99-9.2.11
launica87 launica87 22-25, F 2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

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It is always sad to lose a pet as they become part of the family. I lost a dog 4 years ago his kidneys packed in and he just wasn`t eating :( Just glad i had my other dogs to get me thru

Did your other dogs get sad as well? I always found it fascinating how they can sense when something bad happens. My mother's cat looked for him for awhile after he was gone...she used to sleep on top of him or next to him in his fur lol. Rereading this brings tears to my eyes I miss him still.

Yes the others did notice especially my ***** at the time she used to run around the house with him a lot. She is coming out of her shell a little again since i have another couple of dogs now but don`t think she will ever be the same as she was with the one i lost

What kind of dogs do you have? We have a dog at work who lost his buddy, and he isn't the same. They have a new dog but he doesn't play the same as with his old friend..

i have got a lab cross staff ( who is as daft as a brush) and a staff cross greyhound (who sings a lot lol), I also have an english pointer and i am looking after 3 other pointers which makes a housefull but they get on quite well together

Nice you do have a houseful but it sounds like you provide them with love and care :) labs are not the brightest but they are very loyal and friendly! I have two at work who freak out when they see me n don't want to leave my side lol. We have a couple German short hair pointers very smart dogs!

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I'm so sorry you lost a beloved pet. My best friend, JB, recently passed away and I am still heartbroken! Dogs are better than most humans- so loyal and always providing unconditional love. Barkwards Dog=God <3

Im sorry to hear that! Its like losing a child...they have so much unconditional love for us. And you're right, they are better than most people. The pain never goes just gets easier to deal with.