Out Of Sight.

Had seen a down and out guy begging 4food. Studied him 4a longtime when I lived in London a few years ago. He had been in the Army same as I at a time. I used 2wait 4 him 2fall asleep and leave food outside the bivi shelter he slept in at edge of the woods. Was amusing 2 watch his reaction finding my tracks and rabbits on his doorstep., lol. Anyway did this as usual when I noticed some kids creeping up on the homeless intent on mishief and drunk. Had just left a bunny n crept out of sight n howled n ran at em! Crapped themselves lil sods n legged it! Lol.whole Hobo camp woke up n from woods I heard one ol fella say 2 chap that he should try n catch the big dog this timeas it would be a great guard! Lol. Needless 2say I never returned n wonder how they got on? Loll
hrodulf hrodulf
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 11, 2012