Hunny's Poem

my master would get up early in the mornings

She would feed me and the other pets

this was her job, she loved all of us

Me, Lit guy, Fuji and the rest

I would do my best to please her

All I wanted was her joy.

She would get mad at me for little things

leaving the yard, or other things I didn't understand

But at the end of the day she would pet and love me

Her life wasn't the best I could tell this

she would always cry late into the night

She always smiled at me though

But I knew she had been crying I could hear her

I loved to jump and to play, I loved all the cats we have

The cats were all my friends

One Day Master came to me pulled me close to her

"I'll never let anything bad happened to you"

Her big browns eyes were all slowed and red

" I'll ALWAYS LOVE" I waged my tail letting her know I was here for her too

She loved to stay by my side never let me go too far

My master loved and cared for me

She love to walk , feed, and my Favorite part to play

All in She was the best master

When I was going through a hard time she stay by my side and cried

I never knew I was her pride and joy

All I knew was she wanted to do the best for me

A hard thing came for the both of us

I looked at her one last time, I saw the tears rolling off her face

I knew she knew I was going to leave her

She held me tightly letting me know it was ok

With that she was gone

I died thinking of her and her Love
mariasher mariasher
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

In honor of one of the best pets i have owned

Very, very sad indeed. But such a nice memorial. Thank you for sharing that.

she was my best friend up untill that day... i still keep her in my heart thou

You always will. They never leave your heart, do they?


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