I got you when i was 8. I had begged and begged for a dog of my own. One day, My parents got me you. You were bubbly, and kind with big brown eyes that I loved. I brought you home and played with you for hours. I gave you bits and pieces of my lunch, because I felt you were missing out on human food. The first night, you whined in your crate, so i picked you up and placed you in the bed next to me. You snored the whole night and did not wake up once. Over the the next 4 year's you started nipping people. You never hurt me or my family, but something in you snapped and you nipped people's clothing. One day, The hay guy came and you circled him and lunged. You broke skin. The next day my parents said we coudnt keep you and it was time to let you go. I hugged you all night and gave you my steak and corn. I let you sleep on the comfy side of my bed and pampered you. I took thousands of pictures of you, and thousands of little videos. As we drove to put you to rest, I said a hundred facts about you, 1, You love blue icecycles, 2, you love carrots, 3, your afraid of thunderstorms. I kept saying these things over and over. You just looked at me with those big brown eyes and put your head in my lap. I cried even harder, begging my mom not to me me let him go. As we entered the clinic for animals, the nurse took you to get the The IV in you. As you came back, you wagged your tail and me and smiled. I thought i was going to die then and there. As i told you to lay down, the doctor slowy injected the medicine. You looked up at me with your big brown eyes for one last time. You wagged your tail and put your head in my lap. Than your body went limp in my arms. The doctor and nurses carried you away, through big doors, to be cremated. I sat down in the middle of the Clinic and bawled. My mom coudnt move me so she just waited. The dogs that were out there to get checked up on, all turned to me and looked at me. Than they all layed down and whined. I cried even harder. Those animals must've known the people just took my dog away from me. The animals were giving me silence and love. I finally picked myself up and ran outside. I screamed with all my lung power and dropped to my knees. Rain started pouring down over me. I just stood there. Watching my tears become one with the rain and watching them wash away. After a couple of mintues, I dragged myself to the car. I looked up into the sky, and whispered, "You'll alway's be my good boy, Luke". I was 12 and had to deal with this. After a year, I got another dog. I named him Romeo L.....Romeo Luke.....

RIP LUKE. 2008-2012.
puck12b puck12b
13-15, F
Dec 16, 2012