Our oldest was in first grade when I brought Hercules into the house and told our kids he belonged to them. He was a german sheperd. The biggest of the litter.I thought he would be an outside dog.I was wrong. The first year was bad,it would be hard to count how many things he destroyed in his first year with us. After that he became a member of our household. If i scolded the kids I had to make him leave the room. He would stand between them and I and whine like a baby.
I have epilepsy, dont have seizures often but i do have them. The first time I had a seizure in front of Hercules he would not let anyone near me. He layed down by my head and slapped at anyone that came close with his huge paw. My wife is the one that noticed he knew when I was going to have a seizure. He would appear from nowhere and gently grab my hand and make me go to the floor. Very shortly I would have a seizure.Dont know how or why he knew but he did.
Hercules lived for 14 years. He was old and grey when it came time to put him down. It was a hard decision for me but it was the right thing to do for him. He protected my home and my family and was a great friend to me. Yes i cried then and a tear is on my cheek right now.
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My deepest sympathy to you. I am nearing 60 and have lost several animal companions.

The last time, we had Odie for 15 of his 18-19 years. We have always had rescue, throw away, death row doggies.

We waited a year and got two more dogs from death row.

The hurt is still there but we figure, in honor of Odie's life and death - we would allow two other high kill shelter dogs the gift of life.

Your dog was lucky to have you so long. Far too many people get a cute puppy and instead of working through the "problems of training" they just throw the dog (or cat) into a shelter and that is why we are killing about 8 million companion animals a year.

Wait a bit than go out and open your heart and home to another animal in need.

Another thing that has helped me, and everyone is different and it costs a little more. I have had my four legged companions cremated privately and have their cremains (in plain urns, nothing expensive). They will be buried with me, their ashes with mine.

Some people would go yuck, but for me - they were family...........Odie, Sinbad, Max and if they go before me, Lucy and Scruffy (our new additions). If they go after us, they will be buried with my sons.

Also, if you are older, you might think of getting a older dog - Scruff is four and Lucy was six when we got her and they were perfectly potty trained and just wonderful dogs.

Again, my heart goes out to you - ignore anyone that says, "It was just a animal" because our animal companions, unlike most humans love us unconditionally.

Time will ease the pain. Keep busy, maybe get a shelter animal asap to really keep you busy and try to think of the good times you two had together.

Again, your dog was so lucky to have you for that long - most dogs don't have that long of time in a loving home.

((( hug ))) Been there, know how much it hurts. Time and keeping busy will help.

Thanks for your kind words and good advice. We buried Hercules in the back yard and got him a small headstone.My grandson got a shitzapoo for Christmas 2 years ago and then because of family problems both he and the dog moved in with us. So i have a little white dog running around the house now, and yes i love the little useless dog. He sleeps with my grandson but wanders thru the house at will. For years my wife wanted a small house dog and now she has one. He doesnt take up near the room that herc did.

Your grandson's happiest memories will be waking up and having that little dog cuddled next to him or having that little dog following him and your wife around.

I always myself like big old hound dogs - my favorite Twilight Zone (The original) is called, "The Hunt" you can find it on You Tube I believe for free the whole 25 minute episode.

Anyway, have always liked big dogs........................until we got Scruffy Brave Heart. My son picked him out - he is a JaCairn (Jack Russell + Cairn) Terrier. Scruff weighs 23 pounds, with coppery fur (his beard has some black) and little perky stand up ears.

I was never into small dogs until Scruff - the bikers that live over on the next street respectfully greet him when they are out sitting on their bikes, with "Hi Killer Scruff" and yes his middle name is Brave Heart.

This little dog was (like all my other dogs) a shelter dog - he is perfectly potty broke, and has his own little attitude...............He thinks he is a 200 lb Irish Wolfhound. Knows no fear, yet sweet affectionate and SMART SMART SMART. I use to think little dogs were dumb (small brain pan) but Scruff (and I don't see how he can be so smart with such a little head) is absolutely intelligent. We had a talk about him barking and now he only barks occasionally.

You are really lucky to have your grandson living with you.

I haven't seen my grand daughter in over two months and probably, due to my ex daughter in law not liking me, won't see her for awhile longer.

Enjoy your grandson. Enjoy every single moment you are gifted with his presence. Life is so short, we are here but a short time.

Enjoy that little dog, your wife, you and your grandson sound very happy and that little dog is lucky to have you all in his life.

You and your family sound like a nice bunch.

God Bless You All.

Believe me I do know how lucky we are to have Mikey with us, and appreciate every moment I spend with him. Two years ago his little brother was killed in a horrible accident,right in front of his mother and my wife.

I am really sorry for your family's loss. All children go directly to Heaven (my own personal belief)...........Your poor wife and his mother. The little dog and Mikey will help them heal. Again, you sound like a real nice bunch. Dogs seem to bring out the best in many people. For Mikey it will teach him unconditional love and responsibility. It's good that you folks now have some happiness in your life.

A good book I am recommending is any of Charles Swindoll's books, I like Bedside Blessings (my 11 year old grand daughter wanted a copy for Christmas got it at Walgreens) and Getting Through The Tough Stuff (also by Swindoll at Amazon). This guy writes very inspirational stuff that is short, sweet and makes you feel inspired and good after reading his stuff. A few months ago my grand daughter and I read "Bedside Blessings" together before retiring - his stuff isn't real long and gooey, just short little thoughts that help one through the tough times.

Maybe your wife and Mikey's mom might benefit from one of these books as a gift?

Hope you find this information helpful. :)

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