Rest In Peace

My Jordan boy is who I lost recently, but I've lost my fair share of animals...

Bailey - a fiesty little black and white beagle
Devin - a sweet sweet sweet black setter mix
Toby - a goofy curly blond cocker spaniel
Bandit - a cat that was about 10 years older than me, as a kid

Calvin - a spit fire mostly white with a little black mini lop BUNNY that was the apple of my eye! He was so funny. He didn't realize he was only 5 pounds. He had the attitude of a lion.
February 2003-July 29, 2009

Jordan - a sweetheart loving little beige holland lop BUNNY that wanted nothing more than to just love and be loved in return. He was just so so sweet.
July 2003-December 7th 2012
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26-30, F
Jan 13, 2013