The One Called Pooch

One day when I was driving home from my girlfriends house at around three in the mourning, there was this huge Rottwieler sitting in the road in my way. Of course I love dogs so I stopped the car, but had the visions of where the dogs in the movies jump on the hoods of cars and salavating all over it as they attempt to get at you to eat your *** up! The big dog then came up to the drivers side window and I rolled it down a crack and let it sniff me. Seeing that the dog was not mean I rolled it the rest of the way down and started to talk to it and pet it. Once I knew the dog was safely out of my way I started back driving, but as I looked in my rear view mirror I saw that it was following me. That dog followed me for a quarter of a mile and at this time the dogs tounge was hanging out as it was thirsty. I stoppd my car got out and the dog came right up to me and sat down at my feet. I love dogs and did not want to see this one get hurt, so I opened up the back door of my car and she got right in and laid down like it was her own car.

The drive back was around thirty miles of back country roads to my house. When we finally arrived at my house I got out and let her out as well. She, as I had found out when I had let her in the car, got out and looked at me with those sad eyes. I then walked up to my front door and unlocked it and went inside and she promptly followed me in as if it were her home. I went upstairs gave her some water, got undressed, and got into bed for the night as I was really tired. She just laid on the floor by my side and also went to sleep.

It was around eight o'clock in the morning when I got woke up by this dog licking my hand, so I got up and went downstairs and opened the door for her to go outside which she promptly did. I stood there wondering if she was going to go back on her grand adventure she was on, but to my suprise she came back in went upstairs and laid back down. I had also decided I still needed some sleep and promptly went back up to sleep also.

After a few hours I got back up and so did she. While I got dressed she laid there and watched me. I then prceeded to go downstairs and she followed me. I walked out my door acrossed my yard to my mom and dads house all the while with this dog on my heels. I walked inside and sat down at my moms table in the kitchen and she followed and laid at my feet. My sister then came in and sat down next to me eating and I told her the story of how I found this dog. She talked to the dog and petted her and this dog never flinched. When she was done eating she then started to throw her trash at the trash can beside me. As she got her arm cocked back to throw the dog then abruptly stood up and the hair raised up on the back of her neck an she groweld fiercly at my sister, but did not make a move at her. My sister froze like a statue. At this time I found out I had a new found guardian and friend come to find out in this bizzare instance the dog thought my sister was going to hit me and when the dog realized that nothing bad was intended towards me she laid back down as if nothing had even happend.

I figured this dog was someones and posted many things in the paper in the city I found her in. In the meantime until someoe claimed her I had to call her something, so I decided on calling her Pooch figuring as trained as she was someone would claim her soon. There was no need to give he a real name as I figured she already had one and I had no clue to what it was. She took to this name fast and for two or three weeks while I waited fo someone to claim her I got to experience this wonderous dog. I didnt have to put her on a leash to walk her as she would walk right next to me where ever I went. She was very protective of me as well. She was house trained and always slept beside me with her normal wakeup call to go outside of her licking my hand. She was vehicle trained and just laid in the backseat as if it were her own bed.

After three weeks I gave up on anyone claiming her and made her my new found loving friend. We had many good times during the next year until one day she got sick. I took her to the vets promptly when I found out she was sick. The vet came in and did her thing checking her out and ran some tests, so I waited patienly for the results. The vet came back in and told me she had liver problems and it could possibly be fixed with thousands of dollars spent with no guaranties it would work for sure. I knew I didnt have thousands of dollars so I asked the vet how long? She told me she would last maybe a year or two minimum and ten at the maximum. I took this information and left her office with some medicine to make her better for now.

After about eight years of this dog going everywhere I went, except for work, and many grand adventures we had had together. I woke up one morning not to my usual hand licking, but instead found her dead laying next to me on the floor. I cried like a baby with her in my arms for hours. I buried her in a nice spot and put a beautiful lage rock over where her head was. To this day I have never forgoten her and all the good times we had. Even now I am crying writing this story after ten years of her being gone. She is the best dog a man could have asked for an my dearest friend I have ever had. This one dog that I found and named Pooch wcan never be replaced in my heart. I have had many dogs and still do since her and none have ever come close to her, though l love them all, none can compare to the one called Pooch!
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Well You got to spend many wonderful years with her .
An wild rat killed my pet Rat Fink 40 years ago I still cry
when ever I think of him . It amazes me how much an pet
can get into Your Heart . Thanks For Sharing that Love

Oh. That is such a wonderful story. I have tears of my own right now after reading that.

I so loved your story. I had a dog when I was a kid. It had been mistreated by its owner and my father found out about it and took the dog away from its owner and dared the owner to do something about it. Long story short. We kept the dog and he and I became good friends and went every where together. I loved him like you loved your dog. I cried as well whan he got hit by a car. He was very old and could not see or hear very well and tried to cros a busy highway one day. Thanks for your story.

nice story - glad you both found happiness!

This was a good story and reminded me of my lost pet. I too cried reading your story here. I know the feeling of having such a close friend leave you. One never forgets or heals completely.