Taz My Best Buddy

It was June 2009 Taz was my moms and my pug doggie he was loyal and loving he always split his time between us. I was the evening of the 19th and my mom sent me to the store to get some Kleenex and other things and I got a call it was my mom she said she was having a hard time breathing and she passed the 10am the next day my dad's 75th birthday. Taz was home waiting for me and my dad but my mom would never return he stayed close to me and I didn't sleep for days He knew something was wrong when I didn't sleep and he stayed close. It was on the third day or should I say the fourth morning about 2am I had an elaborate set up to rid myself of some unwanted appendages. Taz fallowed me from beginning to end and was sitting right there watching me as I made the preparations. I psyched myself up for what was to come and the knife was already starting into the meat when I heard my moms voice cry out. Taz moved closer and stayed within a foot of me and out from under foot but never leaving me till the ambulance arrived. I was able to visit him only twice but he was always just as loyal and loving. I was in the hospital when I got the news my sister put him up for adoption it was during the holidays and I lost my mom and my dog all within the same year. He was going to be my ticket to recovery but I needed to stabilize first. I was found by a therapy center and they pulled me from the depths but my recovery hinges on my new best buddy Kenobi he is my ticket to happiness.
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Sorry to about your mom. It suck your sister gave away your dog, I was devastated when mine died when I was younger. To this day it really hurt when one of my dogs die