Dutchess Mahrey

Her middle name is indeed pronounced "Marie" but I was 6 years old when I gave her that name.
When we met she was only a few months old and I remember taking her furry little body and laying her right on my stomach. She stayed there and licked my face and nibbled at my nose while I laughed. We were the best of friends from the first minute we spent together.
As the years progressed through time, we built a friendship that was tied with our hearts. I used to fill a bowl with water and get on my hands and knees just to drink next to my girl. We played in the backyard chasing squirrels together and we would go for walks in the field behind my Grandma's house where the sunshine kissed flowers and gold grass right before sundown. I would pack a picnik with my favorite snacks and hers then we would walk out to a little open patch of soft grass and sit together on a blanket in the breeze. Just her and I.
And with our friendship she began to learn my behavior. She knew exactly how I was feeling when she saw me. She would jump and run around when I was happy, lay her head on my stomach when it was upset and lick off the tears running down my cheeks. She never left me feeling alone. Especially when we lost our Papa. We were just quiet, but we were together.

Then, shortly after I had come back to school after being home for a weekend, I got a phone call in the middle of class, on Monday, from my mother. When I didn't anwser she sent me a text message that read "Call me as soon as you leave class, it's important." So I thought nothing of it, my mother and I have different ideas of "important" issues. Well, as I continued to sit in class I pulled Facebook up on my iPad and the first post I saw was by my Grandma. And the first line read "R.I.P. to my beloved Dutchess Mahrey." ....And I lost it. I couldn't imagine it was true, I had just seen my girl on Saturday. And it made no sense to me that my healthy, strong companion who grew up with me was suddenly gone. I had to leave class, because I could find no way to focus with the news I just read. But once I left the classroom I brought myself to read the rest of the post, through glossy vision from tears welling on my eyelids. And my Grandma explained that she had an internal hemmorage that was causing her to bleed internally and put her through immense pain. Grandma rushed her to the Emergency Vet Hospital and they advised for her to have a surgery. Financially, my Grandma was not prepared for the expense and had no way to pay for it. The last thing she wanted to do was put down our girl, but she wasn't faced with much of a choice. Who is to say a 13 year old Husky would have survived that surgery anyways?

And I saw the way it tore my Grandma apart to put down her only companion, but I remind her that she did all that she could and I think it was the right thing. Our girl is happier now, not in pain and reunited with Papa. We miss her very much, but we still have each other. We smile together when we remember the best things about Dutchess Mahrey. And I know she is looking down on us with bright eyes.

We miss you and love you Dutchess. Rest in Peace.
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18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013