Little One

I called Jordan Little One because I couldn't decide on a name when I first got him, and he was so much smaller than my other bunny, Calvin. The nickname stuck and I called him that his whole life. Cinnamon Custrard Pie was another lol, rather than calling him the generic "sweetie pie", and because of his fur color.
Carrot Top Buster was his super hero name, when he first got sick I made up and told him a story about how him and Calvin were crime fighters like Superman, and Carrot Top Busters was their alias. :-)

I posted a just a generalization of pets I've lost here a few weeks ago because it's still so hard for me to talk about Jordan and how he's not here anymore.

He passed away December 7th. He'd had health problems for a while, but always bounced back. On the 5th I took for an emergency vet visit, and the vet himself even said "He's been like this before, I'm not too concerned"

He only had 2 days left. I can't believe I didn't realize how bad off he was. I would have stayed with him and talked to him more. He loved hearing my voice. I think he was kind of hard of hearing, but when I would have him close to my face he could hear my voice and would get so happy and give me kisses.

I just didn't realize that those were his last days.

I took him for a recheck vet visit the morning of the 7th, and he passed away just a few seconds after the vet came in the exam room.

I miss him so much! Every morning I still wake up and lift my head to look over to where he'd be , like I always did, just to make sure he's ok. He's not there. :*(

I love you Jordan!!! You're with your big brother Calvin now. You both will always be with me.
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I'm sorry... so hard to lose such a good friend.