Our First Dog...

When I was about 5 years old, my sister and I were scared of dogs, any dog!
So my parents thought they should buy a puppy for us, to get over that scare we had.

One day my father and my uncle came home with a little bunch in a basket, a Yorkshire Terrier. We could give him a name and after thinking it over and over, we named him Mickey.
We have grown to love our dog, and my parents succeeded in their mission. We weren't scared that much anymore.

Years passed by, and the dog really became a member of our family. We played with him, chased him around the house, fed him, walked with him.....
We got older, and so did Mickey.

When I was about 19 years old, his time came. I was out to graduate school, there was some meeting for students till late at night. I didn't have any clue on what was happening at home that moment.
Our beloved dog, Mickey, had some kind of stroke. My parents told me afterwards that, after the stroke, he wasn't himself anymore and he was suffering too much, so they asked the vet to put him to sleep.
We were all devastated after his death, we cried... a lot!

I understand very well when people feel sad after loosing a pet, and are scared to get another dog, afraid of the heartache after loosing a pet. After all, our beloved pets are members of our families, have been an important part of our lives. They have shared our good times, bad times. They comforted us whenever we were sick or sad.
I'll always remember!
kelly1981 kelly1981
31-35, F
Feb 3, 2013