I did in May and I'm finally writing about this now. Since I was a young child, I've always loved animals. I was 13 and working at a farm in exchange for riding the owner's horses. Well then came George.  He was a nice Arabian Bay Gelding. He was 2 years old and green broke.  I was just glued to this horse. Pun intended.  LOL! George was the barn owner's horse (Jane) at this time. The more I was around George, the more I was intrigued by him.  He was sort of an a$$, to be honest.  I'd see Jane on him and he'd rear, buck, run, pull whatever the hell he could.  She knew I liked him and after a year or so with little progress, she was ready to just get rid of him.  Plus, she really didn't have the time.  He was the most stubborn horse she ever met.  I don't know what the hell it was, but something inside me wanted to tame him.  He pulled so many things on me.  I remember when I was training him, he backed me up between two pine trees and kept rearing up.  LOL!  He wasn't stupid.  That did not feel good.  He tried EVERYTHING to get me to quit him, but I didn't.  I saw little bits of progress each time, so I knew I'd get him. Well, I rode that horse so much, he went from practically becoming glue to being the best horse in the barn. We built so much trust in each other that it was truly beautiful.  We related to each other.  I was also willful and stubborn as hell and we were great together. I was also dealing with people in my life who really didn't want to bother with me.  We rode many trails together.  Many shows, many rides with my children, many days crying into his soft neck because I was having boy troubles, talking to him as I became a women about how I met my husband and had my children.  He was a beloved animal friend. There were so many trail rides where it was just George, my dog and I and I swore I was in heaven.  I had him when he was two and he died at twenty-five.  I received a call at 6 am on May 1st, that he was found in the pasture just laying there and gone.  He had a long, beautiful life and I knew that would happen eventually.  I just hope he knew how much trouble he kept me out of as a teen, how much he got me through and how much self-esteem he gave me, as I tamed him when no other people wanted to bother with him.  
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Sorry for your loss. Pets have a way of becoming a big part of our lives. They give so much love for so little.

I don't have a horse but I know the friend ship that can be built with a pet. I have a cat that is my second best friend. We have been threw a lot together. I will be heart broke if some thing happens to him.

Beautiful story, animals always show us by their true love to us, they care about how we treat them and they give us their heart without any concern on how we look, if we are tall or short. Just how our heart is towards them and they become family . hugs on the lost of your family member

What a beautiful story. George was lucky he had you, who didn't give up on him. Who knows what would have happened to him otherwise?

Maybe. I had a horse like that, too, by the way. I think he hated my guts every time I got near him, yet I didn't give up on him and took care of him and rode him every day. He didn't get old though, he died of a colic when he was 4 or 5 :(

Excellent story. Very nice to read such a wonderfully piece as this one.

Yes very touching indeed

What a beautiful life you had together, two kindred spirits finding their paths with each other's patience and love. How you must miss him! Thank you for sharing this touching, inspiring story. I'm deeply sorry for your loss.