Pet Reincarnation: The Love Connection

When my sable ferret, Cody (my first of 7) died last month, I was devastated. I had had to give him to a vet friend because my husband and I were moving out of the country.When I went back to visit him he had gotten so grey and thin. I told him I would come back to get him when we got settled in our new place but he died 2 weeks later from separation anxiety. He just stopped eating and left his body.

I felt so guilty. This little being had taught me so much about love. That's what animals who are close to humans do. They are very highly evolved spirits who come into our lives to teach us various lessons, but the biggest one is opening our hearts to love.

For those of you who have lost a beloved pet, I recommend getting in touch with an animal communicator so they can contact your pet on the other side . They can help you to find out if your pet is going to reincarnate, give you messages from them and much more. It's such a comfort.

You can post a question for free to animal communicator, Madeleine Walker. I appreciated her clear reading and words of encouragement:

For an in-depth reading, visit Madeleine's site at or

Penelope Smith has a directory of communicators on her site Also, her book Animals in Spirit gives invaluable insights and stories about pets' life and death cycles and what they experience.

Joanna Aamons is a general psychic who gives detailed and accurate readings. She told me when and in what form Cody would reincarnate. She said he would come back as a cat. He did. He came in through my bedroom window, and had the color and markings Joanna had described. He was about 4 months old when he found me. You can contact Joanna through http.//                      

It is one thing when our pets die from illness or accident. But it is another to give them up. They feel so hurt. They suffer terribly from separation anxiety. We are their mothers and fathers. How can we abandon our children? If there is any way for us to keep them with us, let's do our best to do so. If we can't, let's give them to people who can love them as much as we did. 

Whether your pet is alive, lost, has passed on or been re-homed, you can be in touch with them anytime by softly calling their name 3 times. When you feel their presence, tell them what you are feeling, or what you want or ask them a question. Then listen.

Some of our pets have been with us for many life cycles (theirs and ours) and in many forms. They don't always come back as the same species. Don't be surprised if your ferret returns to you as a dog or your dog returns as a cat.

And they don't necessarily come back as newborns. Animals can do a spirit exchange. The animal who vacates their body for our pet does so willingly and is quite happy to go for a rest on the other side. Animals transition with much more ease than we humans .

If you see a dog in a shelter who grabs your heart, get him. You will either see your previous pet in his eyes right away or, after some hours or days, you will notice a transformation in his personality, signaling the entrance of your former beloved companion.

If their cycle with you has ended , they may return to this plane to different owners, to teach and guide them.

Some animals choose not to return but prefer to remain in heaven or however your belief system refers to that realm. They stay near you or visit you often in spirit to protect and guide you.

Your animal companion will love it if you honor them in some way, by painting their picture or writing a story (which is why I wrote this one) or making a shrine with their photo and favorite toy on it. Light a candle to them on the day of the week they died. There are so many ways you can show you still care.

Most importantly, don't feel as though you are expected to just get over it. Our pets are close to us in ways our human companions never can be. Their love for us is unconditional and they teach us to love unconditionally in return. Keep your heart open and keep on sharing your love and life with your pets.

I dedicate this piece to my beloved Cody. Thank you for teaching me always. Your death itself was a lesson.

May we share many more lives together.

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I lost my cat today...I love you Hana. But people, you ******* disgust me. Animal communicator ******* bullshit

So where can I post a question about my sweet little Savannah girl? She passed Feb 17 2015 how oh my How I loved and do love and miss her. Will she reincarnate? If so into what? Please help I'm so heart broken and we feel so empty without her I took care of my girl at home until she passed Savannah's mama. Linda

I enjoyed reading this and it gives me a level of comfort knowing that our beloved Boo may return to us. It's only been a couple of days since we let her go. Her health dramatically declined and, within 24 hours, we were at the vet's office letting her go. I've heard her once since she passed (she had a specific grumble she did when she needed outside and that's what I heard) and feel her love now and again. I truly miss her....I'd love to know if she's actually going to return. I'm going to hope that she does. We have two of her puppies still (almost two years old) and I can tell they miss her too. They watched as we laid her to rest yesterday and we lead them up to her so that they could see why she hadn't come home. Our female pup (Mosin) watched intently, whimpering, as we buried her. It was heartbreaking. Again, thank you for this post....

I have a question. Our beloved jersey was our rock! She had a big impact on our family and we had to put her down due to diabetes over taking her body. She has only been gone for 3 days and our family is still grief stricken. We really want her to come back . Do you know if she will and when or what type of vehicle?

I wanted to say that I have felt grief for over a year now, and trying to go forward with some new projects in my life, such as writing, I decided to sit down with my computer and leaning on the side of the bed, with my laptop on my knees, started to write. Going back to my baby, I would feel her lay behind me and put her face over my right shoulder while I was on the computer, and today, going back to a writing project and being still, I felt her near me and its a painfully sweet feeling. I miss her so much, and want her back. I have talked to communicators, too that told me this, and I didnt know if I believed it at first, based on my religious background but it taught me to reconsider what I believe. I can not get another dog right now where I live, and working on finding a better job so I can have a new place and better life for the day I get a new puppy in hopes of my Leah, and I can't imagine loving anything or being closer to any pet than I was with her.

you know, your comment about looking into their eyes and seeing a former pet kinda of hit me. We had to put our beloved dog Cody to forever sleep in November of 2011. We grieved hard and long. One day about a year later, we saw a picture of a dog on facebook from the local humane society. We went after work to see him. My husband made it clear we were just going to look. He didn't want another dog because he didn't want to go through what we had gone through (it was his idea to go to the humane society, lol) Anyway, they brought Otis to us and he just bonded right away with us and then my husband said, "well we just can't leave him here". So away we went with Otis. He climbed up in Jim's lap and went right to sleep on the way home. Sometimes when I look into Otis's eyes, I do think it's Cody looking at me. Otis is nothing like our Cody in temperament, or anything else. But sometimes, I swear when I look into his eyes, I think it's Cody. We have had Otis now for nine months and I slip up and call him Coder or Cody sometimes and he just lifts his head and looks at me so sweetly.

Your story really helped. Thank You so much for sharing :) I hope you are feeling better.

I lost my baby dog mia on feb 27th at 11:55 2012. it is a pain unlike anything ive ever felt before. I still have no idea what happend. She started to act sick on friday and by monday she was dead. I took her to the vet to be examined on monday after talking to my vet on sunday to let him know what was going on and if he thought i should bring her in sunday or wait til monday, He informed me it would be around 800 cash if i took her in on sunday so i waited til monday. I dropped her off at 10 am so that one of the vets could look at her in between appts and take blood. I got a call from the vet at about 1150 saying if i wanted to say goodbye i better hurry because she didnt have much time left. I was in shock, me and my son drove as fast as we could and when we got there she was not awake. I couldnt believe what i was seeing. I dropped to the ground screaming this isnt happening right now. I took her in a room and held her after she had passed and balled my eyes out. I then ran out of the vets office to my car and drove home. I heard a noise come out of me that i had never heard before. I was primal. I was a mother learning that her daughter just passed away of a illness that took her in 4 days. I dont know what to do with myself. I have 3 other dogs and one being her baby and found out what mia died of is genetic, so now my other baby may die. I dont want to make my other dogs depressed as mia and hannah where mother and daughter and were very close. I know they must be grieveing too but as hard as i try i cant stop crying. I feel like a part of my heart was ripped out and the pain is severe and raw. I want so badley for her to come back to me and i want to know if she knew i was there when she passed. It is my fault. i watched her die for days and i was suppose to protect her. I want to tell her im sorry and i want her to know how much i love her and how she has showed me how to love with my whole heart. I dont know if reincarnation really does exist but im praying with all my heart that my baby finds her way back to me. I feel a sorrow so deep in my soul that nothing or no one can ever make better except having her back again. Please find your way home to mommy my baby, I need you here with me. Im so afraid her spirit will be stcuk at the vets office where she passed. Do you think shes here with me?

I am here because it's 2am & I'm wide awake having unexpectedly lost my dog 3 days ago.
When i moved to my current property with acreage I wanted to rescue an older dog so they knew love. I never imigined I myself would love so much. After an all too short 22 months with him, I find myself saying: this can not, will not, is not all I signed up for with this dog!
His death happened quickly & unexpectedly. He would have been 8 sometime this year. Healthy, active, happy. At 8am he posed his first signs of a sick tummy. I had to leave (assuming I'd come home to vomit & poo all over my house). When I walked in at 1pm, he was lying in the hall with a stomach full of air. We loaded him into the car & I frantically called vets saying I was coming & a surgery room needed to be ready. I was quoted $5000 for the surgery (money I don't have) & I was ready to pay. He passed peacefully on the way to the vet. When I opened the back of my suv it was just a dead dog & a vacant body. Didn't even look or feel like him. I know like I know like I know he is on his way back to me as a fresh pup.
When I got home I saw for the first time ever, a bulb flower on the way to my front door (bulbs don't just appear after never seeing it for 2+ years). It's a pink hyacinth....a symbol of rebirth.
I can talk to animals, communicate with the other side, peoples subconscious etc (tho it's very hard to talk to MY animals especially in a case like this) Debra, I KNOW your Mia can hear you if you just say it out loud. I KNOW you can hear her if you take a quiet moment to listen to what your gut is telling you. I don't know if she's coming back to you but I do know she is always watching over you.

Several years ago I lost a cat hit by a car. I had a communicator talk to her (this was before I knew how to do it) & the communicator said she had things she needed to attend to elsewhere & she would be back after she took care of what she needed to do but she was sending us a fun loving, always make you laugh cat (because apparently deceased Sami thought we were too serious as she told the psychic). Within about 4 months we recieved said cat.....all white with little calico tips and when she sits her spots on her hips make into little hearts :)
Unfortunately our pets leave too soon, but just as Mia is not the only dog in your life, you may not be the only person in hers, she may need to attend to someone or something at the moment but she can and will return to you if your heart needs her :)
Don't be afraid to talk to her when your driving or showering or quietly lying awake in the middle of the night. I promise she can hear you :)

Feel better soon.

I love all animals, we are not allowed cats or dogs where we live, so my daughter and I adopted a couple of 'fancy rats' a few years ago. They are wonderful pets! Nothing like a hamster or other pet rodents, they are more like a small dog, so affectionate, they crave human companionship, come to when called, follow us around when let out for play time.............we ended up getting five more and loved them all, but there was one that stood out above the rest named Tart, I bonded with him maybe even more than a couple of my past 'special dogs' (maybe he is the dog!) I had bought Tart as a baby for one of my daughter's friends who alos loved pet rats,.. he was a scared baby so before handing him over to 'Kaylee', I kept him a few days so that he could get used to people before being handed over to a 'seven year old girl' because I knew that young kids wouldn't be as gentle or patient in letting them get comforatalbe with people or new surroundings, I would carry Tart around, talk to him and even let him sleep in my shirt at night,.......after about three days I gave him to Kaylee. A few months passed and Kaylee came to sleep over, I told her to bring her rat so I could visit him, while she was here, the little rat that she named 'Sweet Tart' clearly remembered me and wanted to be with me all the time, Tart and I were so bonded and he just stole my heart! Luckily Kaylee had no problem in letting me have him back, and Tart was 'my baby', he slept with me, when I got up for coffee he would sit in my lap and eat the clusters of my cereal, I would eat the flakes, he had the freedom of the house and was well trained, in the mornings if he woke up before me he would dance around on my head trying to wake me up (annoying, but just part of his personality), he would ride in the car with me to take my daughter to school or to the store, when we got home the sound of the garage door opener would prompt him to jump on my shoulder for his ride back inside the house. We had many regular routines. He had bad health all his life and almost died twice but I nursed him back from what seemed like a miracle since he was litterally dead once, he was ICE cold, lungs sunken in, only indication of life was a faint heatbeat when my daughter found him (never found out what happned to him), I was so sad and put him on a heating pad so that he wouldn't die sooo cold, I was crying and talking to him and he responded to our voices and within a couple of hours running around like nothing happened. Our love grew and grew over that year and I wouldn't have believed this before but it was as if her could communicate with me telepathically! Recently he began to get ill, and would get cold, I would warm him up, took him to the vet several times, he wasn't doing well and I was really worried he was going to die........then one day I was doing laundry folding it on my bed, I remember how happy he looked when he ran up to me, my daughter came home and my attention shifted to her, then went back to finish folding laundry on my bed, I usually am very careful when getting on my bed because he would hide under lumps of covers at times as he did this time..... I put my knee on the bed, full weight of my body where he was under the covers,..he squeeked loud and hard, I rushed him to a vet, by the time we got there we was moving around and they said he was fine. I took him home and he continued to go down hill, I had a gut feeling I had hurt him too, so took him back to the vet that was trying to treat him for the other problem he had, I requested another X-ray and discovered I had broke his back:( The vet gave him some meds to keep him comforatable for a few days so I could spend a little more time with him and say my goodbyes, then took him and held him as the vet injected the stuff that put him to sleep. He put his little hands on my face and kissed me until he got weak and went into his final sleep. It took him about 30 minutes to pass, I wispered to him and sang to him 'go to sleep' , asked him to visit me, kissed him over and over telling him how much I love hiim as he passed. I was grateful to the vet for helping him pass so quietly and the ability to hold him until he was gone. He took my heart to heaven with him:( I was soooo broken hearted and the fact that I added injury to injury didn't help my grieving much. I cried every morning and night, I dragged myself through the days. Three night later he did come visit me, he jumped around on my bed and I felt him sitting on my shoulder. <br />
<br />
Before he died, my daughter and I had bought two baby hairless boys (brothers), one looked like Tart as a baby. Several of our older rats died of cancer over the past few months. We went back to the pet store, I had asked them if they had any 'old' rats that needed a home/for adoption, I thought this could me focus on another rat in need. While we were there I let my daughter pick another baby. I had not thougth about reincarnation until that day when she was looking in the aquarium full of baby rats, they are alway scared and either run or hide in the corner, but there was a white one that looked like our white one that passed away, she didn't run or hide and instead tried to reach our hands, when we picked her up it was as if she knew us. We brought her home with the older adopted rat, .......that night I was holding the little white one, it was down right spooky they way she sat and stared at me, I can't begine to describe it, but I immediately thought it was Runaway (name of the white one that passed)........ this made me think about the possiblity of Tart reincarnating, but the baby I had was with us a few days before Tart I didnt' think it would be possible. But now I think that Tart has come back in the body of the baby rat that looks like him as a baby, for one, he would know I would pick the one that looked like I started holding that particular little rat more to see if it showed any signs of Tarts personality and to my amazement he did indeed. I put him in my shirt to sleep with me one night, he went down to my feet like Tart did, then I let him ride in the car with me, when we returned home he got on my shoulder at the sound of the garage door opener! (this rat had never rode in the car with me), he also sits on the arm of my computer chair looking down at the floor like Tart did, none of the other rats ever do this. Tart also has a food and water bowl on the kitchen floor next to the kitty's bowls. The new baby rats have not been set free on the floors yet, and if they are set down on the floor they are always scared and stay with us, or zig zag to a covered spot to hide, they all act the same way when set on the out of curiousity I put the baby (now named Stark) on the floor to see what he would shoked me when he went straight for the food and water bowl that Tart would go hang out at every morning! Another obvious sign that Stark is Tart, when he slept in my bed the other night, the next morning he danced on my head!!!!! The most amazing think is the telepic communication, on the first day I thought Stark could be Tart, I was laying in bed relaxing while Stark was running around me playing, baby rats when playing are very active and do not sit still for a minute, if you hold them they don't stay long and wiggle out of your hands, they zig zag quickly back and forth to you, very playful, very quick,..........I concentrated to him and in my thoughts I told him "if you are Tart, go lay across my ankle or leg" just blew my mind when this little baby rat stopped zipping around and lay his little body over my ankle and held the position for over 30 seconds (a long time concidering how active he was), it was like he was being held down by an invisible force! I know KNOW that Stark is Tart. I also asked for kisses which he did give (I can tell the difference between a kiss and a 'taste', ha ha Mind blowing also was when I asked him to Squeek three times (thre times being 'I' 'Love' 'You').......rats don't normally squeek unless they are startled or hurt, so it was confirmation when this little guy squeeked three times. I would not have believed this story if told before my experience, it's so 'out there'!!! Also, my grieving totally went away as if a different part of my knew he was back, ...... I mean totally just went away, I was able to think of the sad things that I had to force out of my mind before, but even before the confirmations, my grief just went away, and I thought I was going to be sick for ever over Tart.<br />
<br />
Something else I noticed that makes me think,........ we had bought in all, after three trips to the pet store,fSix including the older rat that I adopted. It wasn't planned, just worked out to that number. We had lost four rats recently, they were all getting old since rats don't live long, but the strange thing is that two more of the older rats just died a few days after bringing home the babies, they were not sick, had no signs or symptoms of being ill, they were not curled up at the corner or bottom of the cage as a sick rat would do, we found them both laying in the same position on thier bellies as if they just 'left'! So six new rats, six deceaced older's as if they decided to take the new baby bodies! Who knows.............I feel they are all back with us because we loved them all and they obviously loved us.<br />
<br />
I like the idea/ theory from the writer above that said pets souls or spirits can take place or swap<br />
the bodies of young and older animal bodies. This would explain seeing your pet in a stray.<br />
<br />
Another intersting thing I'd like to mention, then I will shut up, ha ha......It makes a lot of sense to think that animals spirits/souls can easily change or swap or even share bodies......this would explain the millions of people that experience spiritual experiences when a loved one passes and the loved one still here gets signs from birds, butterflies, etc.....

My beloved border collie, Maggie, passed two weeks ago today. She could no longer walk and I had to take her to the vet to help her pass over. I miss her every day. She was my best friend. I have been reading these sites about reincarnation and it has really helped. I believe she has been with me before in two other dogs. The more I thought about how alike their personalities were and the relationship I had with them, the more convinced I became. I would love Maggies to come back again and truly hope she does. Until then, I will appreciate what we shared and be thankful for our time together. I have three other dogs that I intend to shower with love and affection, but they are not the same as My Maggie.

I lost my emma on tuesday of this weel June 1st. She was my best friend in the whole world. I cant stop crying and its has been 4 days. I cant sleep or stop thinking about her. We found another 22 week old cavalier but I am afraid that emma would be sad that we replaced her so fast. My house is to quiet and I have such an empy heart. Any comments would be a gift!

Hi! My Border Collie Geordie is a reincarnated dog. In fact, he TOLD me how he would return and how I would know him. And I did. He said he would NOT come back as a puppy, but as a dog in need. And he did! He returned to us in January 2011. He loves his same toys, behaviors, and is exactly as he was at two years old. He transitioned at 14 due to liver cancer. I'd like to invite you to have a look at my page and please feel free to discuss with me this very NEEDED topic! I can be found at "I Believe in Animal Reincarnation." I'd love to have new stories and be able to share among friends. I just started the page. Thanks so much! I LOVED this story!!! Thank you for sharing! -Annie..and Geordie too!

Hi where can I find this group? I want to know how my dog will come back?

It's in the eyes!<br />
It is just so comforting to read what you all have to say. In Jan 2010 I found an unoticed lump on the outside of the groin area of my male companion cat of 18 years. He was adopted by me from Legal Aid when he was about 8 mos old. The lawyers named him The Judge because they got him at the courthouse. Two days after I found this outer tumor thing he bled all over my bed. I panicked. I could not bear for him to suffer. I took a fairly long drive to my former vet who had come to my home many years before and gently euthanized my kitty before Judge. I've always had cats, and some dogs as well. The euthanasia of Judge was a horrible experience is all I can say, and left me feeling that I hadn't done right. Heavy guilt and pain were associated with the event and I could not even eat for several months. <br />
<br />
Approximately 8 months later Someone gave me an American Shorthair which was a five year old mommy not having any more kittens. She was a beauty. Very smart and liked Mickey Mouse on TV. Sadly, I had to give her back subsequent to spending a lot of money on the Vet. I was told she had to take medicine for life, and she just would NOT take it in any form from me. It was lucky that the person who always did cat sitting for the breeder wanted the luv. We've been in touch and this lovely cat is reportedly doing very well. No evident symptoms. There is a point to this!<br />
<br />
I loved her because I love all God's creatures. I believe she approached the entire stay as temporary to prepare me for something else that I was unaware of. The Judge was a very special domestic shorthair and I was never going to take another. The American shorthair, Sizzy, was so different from him I could see her for herself, and share life and love with her. During her stay I found myself beginning to look up reincarnation frequently. Especially cat reincarnation. Following her departure I became aware that we each have a path to travel, and we should learn to follow that path with joy in the celebration of all life...despite some sorrow. Compassion for the losses of others, whether human or creature, is essential. Sizzy was a magnificent teacher. She left me on Dec 11th 2010, and was obviously glad to see the people she had known.<br />
<br />
On Feb 10th, 2011, I spoke with a communicator who said Judge was very near, and I'd know him by his eyes when he showed himself. On Feb 11th 2011, I was drawn to my county's SPCA site. (Not a habit of mine) I saw a female feline picture that looked kinda like Judge. She had been given the name Smudge???? However it was her eyes that held me. This cat was posed with eyes wide open..."Hey, look at me". Judge was like that and wore the same regal look for photos. I took the drive to the farthest shelter and asked them to bring her out for a visit.The vet said she was 10 months to a year old. <br />
<br />
That was Friday afternoon and I adopted this purring furry delight at once. Well, tomorrow she is being spayed, and on Tuesday she is coming home here. I'm very excited whatever the circumstances are. I know we'll be good together. However, I do think that like people...if you really's in the eyes.

Thank you so much for this post. It really gives me hope. I just lost my orange tabby, Crush, earlier this week. He was 16. I adopted him when he was 9 from a local shelter. While all the other cats seemed upset or afraid Crush was lying in his cage on his back with his feet in the air and a smile on his face sleeping. I couldn't resist him. At first he wouldn't get too close to me because he was concerned about upsetting my other cat, Cola. I have had her since I first moved out from home and she's very territorial. Because of this initially he was closer to my husband. In the last few years though he and I became sooo close. He was such a sweet, kind and loving cat. He was diabetic and we had been looking after him and giving him insulin shots for about 3 years now. Although I knew he was old and not in the greatest health, he seemed like he was doing pretty well and declined very suddenly last week. It was really devastating to me. He is such a very, very special soul. I hope that he will try to find us again. We love you so much Crushy. If it's right for you please find your way to us again. We both miss you so.

Amazing!!!....I had never read or heard of this concept before this...I keep telling myself that my precious Vincent is gone...and this new dog...(who looks and acts so,so, so much like him...and came into my life on my departed Vincent's birthday)...Can't possibly be my Vincent..because he only died 9 months ago...and this little guy is 3 years old...but the likeness...and habits, and sensitivities...are so similar...I thought I was somehow I was imagining this...Your post makes this experience more believable....Thank you so much !!!!....Bless you!!!

What you said reinforced what I already believe but with more details. It is very reassuring. I have a dear friend whose 20 yr old cat is fading slowly due to lymphoma. She is willing to do whatever seems reasonable for him, but does not want him to suffer. She believes much as I do. She has been talking to him and listening. I think he will let her know when it is finally time for him to go. I copied your message and the email addresses and sent them to her. Thank you so much for sharing this knowlege with us.

Good news! My friend found his lost dog with the help of an animal communicator. The dog was taken in by a family that got him from a shelter. He was being kept in a yard with a high gate so he couldn't get back to his old home. The communicator described exactly what that place looked like and how to get there. The family was willing to give him back. So happy, happy ending. Thanks so much!

I know someone who has actually lost - as in 'cannot find' - his dog. I'm going to tell him about your animal communicators so they can help him locate her.<br />
Thanks for the info.

i did that when i lost one of our dogs that my dad loved too no end then about 4 months later we had a scottie left on the front porch and my loved him for about 15 years and he left us with one of cats that we had 4 ever the both curled up on the porch and we too toghether and we know they are happy

useful information. thanks

i miss my kitties who have passed on...i really, really miss them. i cry when i think of them, even as i'm writing this. i understand someone's pain when they lose their beloved pets. heaven wouldn't be heaven to me if my pets weren't with me. once in a while, i think i feel them with me. i wish i knew. thanks for the list of animal communicators. i'll take advantage of it. i don't believe in reincarnbation, but i believe in the continuation of the soul. thank you for posting this. it's comforting to me.