Heidi May

I got Heidi May for my 17th birthday. from the Douglas humane society.She was sitting in her cage just staring out. I asked about her they told me she would never be good dog for first time dog owner because she was abused and she had three homes already. I said I did not care I want to see her I took for a walk. We clicked right away I want her, I took home she hid under the table were she stayed for the first two days. After that I taught her that humans were not evil. She was slow learner but she was sweet and she loved to please the best she could. I could not ask for a better dog. She loved to jump and boy she could jump anything no fence could hold her. She also loved to slide down slides at parks. She loved all people especially kids, and people who had a disability. Which for seven months she was a therapy dog. She loved cats to. My cat adopted her and they were very close buddies and she like small animal. She would not think twice about snuggle with my pet rat or rabbit. Heidi showed me how dogs could get abused and still is sweet and loyal to very end Heidi die of some unknown disease on the 10 of September I gave the best gift I could give her and ended her suffering. She will always be my special girl and I will always miss her sweet smile and her special bark and howl. Many people and cats will miss her.


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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

So very sorry about your loss. I am very happy that she enriched your life so much. She was loved.<br />
My daughter had to put her cat cricket to sleep. She was so sick. She was 18. My girl cried her little heart out.<br />
I am glad that you have such good memories of Heidi May!