Oatmeal was the greatest hamster ever..... i had him for like four years. He died of old age... He was so cute tho' he was white and tan coloured... (which is why i named him Oatmeal)... we found out later on in his life tho' that he liked to eat oats tho'.lol... He was like a member of the family, he even had a stocking for Christmas time.lol..... He was quite the character tho'.lol... one time my brother was kidding around and said that oatmeal needed a hair cut(he was a long haired hamster) and when my brother picked him up he bit him.lol.... and he used to chase out dogs around  in his little running ball thing... I still miss him...

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thats good. that is how my memories with oatmeal are.

the memories are happy... i love them...

oh i am sorry. i suppose that you just have to remember how much fun you had with them.

i lost my rabbit and my guini-pig. 5 years on and i still cry everynight... all because of them.

BIG HUGS to you as well.

BIGG HUGGS...I do understand how one feels with the loss of a beloved pet.

aw, thanks. i know that he will always be there, but its not quite the same when you cant hold him.<br />
im sorry about your iguana tho'.

nope, for some reason our dogs were always scared of him.lol...<br />
yeah but its still kinda sad that hes gone.... =+/

He sounds like an awesome hamster, chasing dogs and all. Didn't the dogs try to chase him?! He had a happy life, so don't be sad :)

I'm so sorry. I know what it is like to lose a treasured pet.