Mindy Lou Who.

My poor puppy, i had her ever since i was 4 years old. I am now 18, she lived a loong life time, and she was there with me through everything, never once did i not bring her with me somewhere.. When my dad kicked me out of the house.. she went with me to my moms.. when she kicked me out she lived with me at my friend Rachel's, when i had to leave hers, she went with me to my grandma's, we went to texas for a while.. she went on my first adventure with me while i was on shrooms..  i went through soo many downs with her, she pretty much lived in the street with me, and never left me because she loved me unconditionally, which is so much more than what people do for me, when i finally was allowed back at my moms house, started shaping up, stopped doing drugs, went back to school, she started getting really sick, and she couldn't control bowels, she wouldn't eat, and then she was unable to use her hind legs, and i knew that she was in pain, i could see it in her eyes, i knew what i had to do, and i did it in August of '08. I still remember Mindy Lou everyday, and i still cry when i think of her death, she was the best thing i could have ever asked for, and it was like she lived because she knew i needed her, and when she felt like i was okay, then she knew it was okay for her to go. I still love her with all my heart, and miss her daily.

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that was beautiful