My First Dog



1989 – 2004

My first dog was called Rusty she was a Australian terrier I got her when I was 5 years old she was meant to be my dad’s dog but she took to me, so she become mine and we spent ever minute together she even slept on my bed and oh how I loved her seen being an only child I used to always talk to her and spend the night cuddled up in bed she was like my sister and my best friend she was with me through all the mayjor events in my life from when I started school, when my grandfather died wheni started high school when I started telling people I was a lesbian and she was there when I got my heart broken the first time, she was my girl and I loved he so much and she was so loving our cat had kitten and one day we where missing one so we looked every where for it and then we found it Rusty had taken the kitten and made a little bed and was feeding it, it was so cute, after that every time our cat had kittens we had to watch Rusty and make sure we didn’t have a missing kitten we trusted her and we knew that Rusty would never hurt it because she was the most gentle dog you could ever meet, but rusty was lucky to be alive when I was about 6 Rusty and I where playing outside and this put bull had gotten out from around the corner and had made its way to our house, where it went straight after Rusty and grabbed her around the throat and started running hom and I started screaming and everyone come running from all the houses in the neighberhood and they saved my dog from that moment on I never let her out the front, it was always so funny if we had to go out without her , when we come home she would be crying at the door and when we opend the door she would start running around in a circle going crazy I always loved comeing home from school to her, there was never anything wrong with Rusty, I was almost 20 the fact it was my girlfriends at the time birthday and I was on the phone to her when I was watching Rusty and she looked funny so I out the phone down and called my mum over and my mum picked her up out of her bed and took two steps and then Rusty died in my mums arms I cried in my room for a week, Rusty was 15 when she died she had a great and spoilt life and I miss her, I’m lucky enough that my dog now is much like her I have been very lucky with my animals


1989 - 2004

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22-25, F
Feb 22, 2009