Bruno Is Now With His Daddy..

I have been contemplating writing about Bruno until it would not be painful to do so.  It does not look like that day will come so here it is.

Christmas of 2005 my husband and I were at my sister's home when her son asked me to walk over to his house for a minute.  He bred boxer's and had a litter of 10 puppies and the runt was not doing well.  I am a wildlife rehabilitator so I have some sense when it comes to the welfare of animals.  I assessed the puppy and noticed he was dragging his lower body and was extremely underweight.  He was the weakest pup and was obviously not getting the nutrients he needed from his mom.

My nephew then told me he was going to put him to sleep.  They were only 3 weeks old and I took the puppy for my own that day.  I took him to the vet the next week to have x-rays of his lower body and found that his hips were crushed coming through the birth canal and he had a very bad leg.  My husband and I both shared in the 4 hour formula feedings until Bruno gained weight and was able to eat solid food on his own. 

At 6 months old we took him to a specialist for more x-rays to see what we could do with his leg, as it was now sticking straight out and would not bend.  The vet said to wait another 2 months and see what happens.  In the meantime, his testicles had emerged, but one went into the scrotum and the other into the abdomen region.  This was serious and it was because his hip section was so narrow, there was nowhere else for them to go but upwards.  So, Bruno had major surgery that week to be drastically neutered.  He did well through that surgery.

At 8 months he went back to the ortho specialist and more x-rays were taken.  This time we were told that the leg was bending in 4 different directions like a twizzler.  We decided to wait until he was a year old before we did anything else.  Well, at a year old his leg had to be amputated because it was getting in his way and causing him pain.

He weathered that surgery quite well and actually did better with 3 legs than with 4.  He was happy and healthy for an entire year.  Then he got really sick, urinating all the time (anywhere and everywhere) and constantly drinking water.  I knew we had a problem with calcium levels, from my experience with rehabbing oppossums who tend to suffer from MBD.

I rushed him into the vet for blood work and was devestated when they told me he had lymphoma.  How heartbreaking that was for me that day but I started on emergency chemotherapy that very next day.

Bruno went through chemo for 9 months and went through alot of funds.  He had a great quality of life with this treatment along with immune supplements.  My husband said "We will do everything in our power to save him", and we did. He was happy, playful, etc.  He had some bad nights, but nothing he could not bounce back from the very next day.

Then tragedy struck our lives and my husband (his daddy) died suddenly.  Bruno came out of remission 3 days after the service and we began a rescue protocol of chemo.  He lasted 6 more weeks before he became gravely ill and I had to decide to euthanize.  My husband always said that He would take him in for that shot when Bruno began to suffer  (he truly loved that dog).  Unfortunately, he was not here any longer so it was left up to me.  I do not ever want to do that again, even though he went peacefully and humanely.

Bruno was my main focus for almost a year with his treatments and daily supplement regimen, and really became my focus while I was grieving the death of my husband.  He hung on as long as he could and got me through the first 6 weeks of the worst time in my life.  He was my angel and I truly believe that daddy was there to take him Home.

On the way home from the vet, a song came on the radio that my husband sang to me on our 2nd date, called "No woman, No cry" by Bob Marley.  I believe that was a sign from my husband that he had Bruno now and not to worry. Bruno has since been cremated and sits on my mantle with Daddy in matching urns.

They are both deeply missed and are together again.  How he loved that dog.

Zingara37 Zingara37
46-50, F
Feb 22, 2009