My Kitty


In October my cat Bandit died, she had been sick for a few months she had the flu, the vet gave me some syrup to give her to make her feel better and I gave it to her, the first time I gave it to her it was in a eye dropper it was hard it was a glass one and she snapped the damn thing, god she was a evil little thing, I go Bandit from a friend when she was 4 weeks old she wasn't getting enough milk from the mother and my friend didn’t have time to feed them so I took Bandit I called her Bandit because when her eyes where opening only one eye opened at a time so she was the 1 eyed bandit, when she was a kitten she looked like a baby possum  she was very cute but she really never got much bigger she was half the size of a fully grown cat but she was a evil little thing one of my friends used to say that her mother had an affair with the Gippsland panther (Long story) she could be very sweet but then most of the time she would jump from behind doors and scare the **** out of you or grab hold of your leg claws and all I remember that she used to ride my dog Rusty, she used to jump on her back wrap her paws around her neck and off they would go Rusty running trying to get the cat off her back and Bandit hanging on for dear life it was so funny.

One day a friends dog it was a big dog and she got scared when the dog come after her, after I got the dog out of the house I went and to check on her and she jumped at me claws out and I stepped back and she dug her claws in to my wrists and dragged her claws down towards my hands I had blood all over me, it had looked like I had tried to slit my wrists and the teachers at school though I had, but my baby did it but she was scared so I forgave her.

Well it was 2 days before she died and she was outside and she had run into the wheels of the family car and I brought her inside and I put her down and she couldn’t walk in a straight like she would take a few steps and then sort of stumble to the side and then feel over, I rang the vet and they said if she got worse in 24 hours bring her in, I stayed up with her all night and feed her and kept her warm and she seemed to get better she would walk and was eating and drinking by herself so we thought she was better, so I went to bed and she come with me when I woke up she was laying on the bed and I called mum to come and move her so I could get up and then as mum picked her up she looked up at mum and then in the blink of an eye she passed away in mums arms, I couldn’t look at her I screamed and cried I blamed my father because her was driving the car when Bandit ran in to the wheels but the car didn’t go over her, I cried for a week, it was such a shock and that's how my kitty died and I still miss her.

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Poor Bandit and poor you. She had her family with her when she passed. There has to be a kitty heaven and I'm sure she's there. She sounds awesome - a real little firecracker.