My Wonderful Little Chihuahua! I Will Miss Him So.

Meko was my wonderful, handsome Chihuahua. He was 15. I am trying to make one of his pics smaller to post on this story, but for now I just want to say a few things about him. For about a year he has been dealing with congestive heart failure. His meds helped a lot. His vet was wonderful. He was such a big part of my heart. Unfortunately, I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Meko put down this past Thursday. I also have a 12 year old Miniature Pinscher named Isaac. Meko was the only dog she would tolerate. She is quite depressed. I am taking her everywhere with me and treating her even better than before. When Meko was with her they were a bit more independent. I still spoiled them like the children I never had. Isaac is staying very close to me and is more affectionate than ever. I feel so badly for her. My mother loves both of them like they were her grandchildren. The day he was euthanized, my mother and I just stayed home and cried and remembered Meko.

I work in an animal shelter on the vet staff. This makes things a little more difficult for me since I see and handle animals all of the time. I will probably add more to this; I am sure you all wait with baited breath (lol). I am at work and need to get back. I just found this site yesterday and I love the stories. I have a lot to share, some of it interesting even. At any rate, I just wanted to pay hommage to my beloved Meko. I love him and miss him so. He was a little angel.

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I feel for you. I had a Boston Terrier with the same problem; I was forced to the same decision. I couldn't see Bonnie suffer that way. I still miss her greatly - it's been six years - but the pain in your heart will ease a little as it did with mine. It just takes TIME.

Sorry about your dog. :(

What a sad story! God bless you. I know how difficult it is to put a pet down. I've had to do this a few times from old illnesses. Just know that this sweet pet gave you alot of happiness in your life and celebrate the fact that you were able to have him to love for a long time. My heart goes out to you.

I sadly lost one of my precious lads in June last year. He was a lovely brindel greyhound rescued from Spain. He was born in Castil la Mancha and raced on the mobile tracks in Spain. Found on the brink of starvation just thirteen months with 20 races under his belt at that time. I named him Connor. He was an impressive greyhound with oodles of caracter. I shall alwys remember him with gratitude and love.I did rescue a young greyhound 29 days after Connor left us not as a replacement but as someone who needed a good home someone who had never known love and what having a real home was like.Connors sire and dam were both exports from Ireland.I know I will see him again when my time comes. So you are not alone. Thanks for sharing your heart felt experience and vent when you feel like it. With all my love understanding sympathy and warmth. Greydk and the lads.

Some cannot and will not begin to understand the depth of love one can have with her dog. Sigmund, my weiner dog was with me for many years, always by my side, loving me unconditionally. I am honored to have been with him and assist him in his passing in a dignified manner. There will never be another

I am sorry for your loss, I too have a little chihuahua she is "Chile" but we call her "Chile Pepper" she is 6 months and full of life. But last night my husband and I went to the vet and had our "big momma" put to sleep she wasn't a chihuahua, she was a mix. I understand and feel what your going through and how awful it feels. Much love!!!

So sorry lost Amigo(my chilauaua) last night I got 2 new 1's 2-day Amiga(girl) and Migo(boy) but Amigo was 10 :'( I miss him so!

Thats so sad im sorry for your loss, nobody could explain what your going through

Nobody but another pet owner and animal lover.

i too lost a dog in october, he was part of my life and i still miss him dearly......... for weeks i searched the net to get another one like him.......... but the pain just wont get away........ and my financies dont stretch to buy another like him anyway! it does get easier.... but i miss his snuggles and breathe on my face and i miss his smell even tho that wasnt all that good at times! it was a comfort to smell his blanket but thats been washed now, i still have his lead, but that smells so bad i know i need to get rid of it! i still have another dog left behind, who is coping very well and has some restored puppy behaviour being returned so thats nice....... no dog can replace my boy.... but i know i loved him and it pained me to see him go blind, and when he walked into a wall i just knew i had to let him go, even tho i didnt want him to go.... they are so much part of your life, how the hell did i manage without him before he came to me? he made my life! i miss his snuffles and doggy loves and cuddling up to him. rip boyo x

I'm so sorry for your boy. What kind was he? You don't say.