Laddie and Molly

I have lost two of the best dogs in  the world Molly was the first two go she was a beautiful 8 years old sheltie, she was very loyal and loving she developed an intestant problem that wasn't fixable I do miss her dearly I had her cremated.  Then their was Laddie he was my boy i also loved him dearly I tot him a lot of tricks he was 14 when he died he died of old age and tumors they where the best dogs in the world they died a year apart, that's what was so had I had never had dogs as long as I had them. i also had him cremated. Laddie was the first senor dog I ever had. I lurned a lot from him.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

My heart is with you . We lost a Border Collie about 15yrs ago we had him for 12 yrs and it was like losing a family member which he was family. He died in my arms. I miss so much. Just keep the memories in your heart, the pain gets better in time. May God Bless You!!!!!!